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1st Sep 2009, 14:55
There are loads of art ones so why not a writing one?

Basically you write a short fan fiction for lara croft that has to be 1000 words long, you submit it here.
It has to be set in Africa, you create the story etc. Have fun! You have till September 23rd to submit your entry then voting will start! Enter now if you want!

1st Sep 2009, 16:23
can you make a comment-thread? thats a lot easyer... anyway, i'll join! just busy writing my masterpiece... :D

2nd Sep 2009, 17:29
Does Egypt count as Africa?

2nd Sep 2009, 19:09
is egypt in africa? Pfff... i'm pathetic! Noooo.... Egypt is egypt right? Africa is africa... just africa.

3rd Sep 2009, 06:13
Egypt's in Africa I believe.

*Checks map*

Yup, it is. :p

3rd Sep 2009, 10:21
Ok then, Egypt is acceptable

6th Sep 2009, 17:26
Do we start then cuz im unsure to be the first one or something....

7th Sep 2009, 20:38
The competition finishes on September 23rd, you submit your entry here.

7th Sep 2009, 22:01
Hmm, I might try this. I am artistically challenged so I can never do those comps but I do like to write. Though, this does depend on me not being busy or not being lazy lol. Quick question, is it limited to 1000 words? I'm not going to make a novel or anything but I think if I were to do this I'd use all 1000 words and I suck at editing to a specific number of words. I'll try to keep it within the 1000 mark but I was wondering if we are allowed to pass it.

7th Sep 2009, 22:14
Hmm, I might try this. I am artistically challenged so I can never do those comps but I do like to write. Though, this does depend on me not being busy or not being lazy lol. Quick question, is it limited to 1000 words? I'm not going to make a novel or anything but I think if I were to do this I'd use all 1000 words and I suck at editing to a specific number of words. I'll try to keep it within the 1000 mark but I was wondering if we are allowed to pass it.

Yep I was wondering that too because sometimes I let myself go and pass the 1000 mark, and then cut it in more than a half and make a suckish story, anyways I can try :)

8th Sep 2009, 14:04
If you have seen the comments thread, I put what you can do there... (grinds teeth). So you can find out there. :) have fun!

8th Sep 2009, 14:19
If you have seen the comments thread, I put what you can do there... (grinds teeth). So you can find out there. :) have fun!

Oh sorry, didn't see it :mad2:

Thank you very much! :flowers:

8th Sep 2009, 14:19
Ah, I finally put some spare time into writing, which is now! :lmao:

9th Sep 2009, 06:34
Does the story have to be freshly written? Can we enter stories in behalf of people who aren't forum members?

9th Sep 2009, 16:06
it has to be your story... is that what you mean? :S It has to be your own original story... it can be something you wrote in the past that's set somewhere in Africa.

12th Sep 2009, 16:42
If you want to enter then enter now... Only 11 days left, then voting which I think should be two weeks

16th Sep 2009, 20:25
Change of entry date, you have till September 30th to enter on this thread. Hurry now if you want to enter

Max 28
17th Sep 2009, 09:37
Ok, an extension's nice. :)

17th Sep 2009, 14:35
yeah because that gives you more time... if there still is no entries the comp will just... have another extension... but the voting will be 2 weeks long.

17th Sep 2009, 16:04

If you write a short story, it can be short, the limit has been scratched... i'm sorry that i keep changing the rules, but i don't think anyone wants to sit and count the words they've used. The story has to be short, so you can use four pages on word in size 12 font in Times New Roman. There is no word limit, just page limit. Have fun... hope this hasn't destroyed your plan... I just finished my short story, i started counting and got bored, so have as many words as you want!!!! :P

17th Sep 2009, 20:15

Lara croft stood tall over the sandy cliff in Kenya. In the horizon she could see a dozen metal houses, cramped tightly together. The only road that was available for use down there in the small town was the train track. Small children would come running by with solvent bottles in their mouths, addicted, needing. They would bang on the windows of the cars passing by, smash the windows; hit everything until the commuter gave up their money.
The sun was high in the sky, beating down on Lara’s golden tanned skin. She breathed in the fresh African air. This air held so many lies and poverty in it. But Lara was not here to have anything to do with the African people, at least, that’s what she intended.
The map she had recovered from Egypt had made it quite clear to come to Kenya, not far from where Lara’s Jeep was parked; the artifact was roughly one hundred feet away.
Lara turned, her braid flowing in the wind. She wore desert camouflage shorts and a cropped vest top that matched. Her boots where brown with red laces, and she wore black leather fingerless gloves.
She tapped her earpiece as she made her way back to the Jeep.
‘Zip?’ Lara spoke into the earpiece.
‘Lara,’ Zip’s voice came from the earpiece. ‘The tomb you are looking for isn’t one hundred feet ahead. It’s right beneath your feet! My laptop says so, and the co-ordinates are beneath the surface. So I suggest you bomb your way down.’
Lara rolled her eyes. ‘I’m sure there’s an entry at the bottom of this cliff,’
‘Ok, but make sure you look out for the raiders Lara. They’ll kill you,’ Zip said, his tone filled with worry.
‘Honestly Zip, I’m a raider myself,’ Lara raised her left eyebrow. ‘You don’t think they can kill me do you? When I’m armed with the best… supplied by yourself.’
Zip grunted. ‘Make sure you have enough ammo,’
‘Yes,’ Lara smiled. ‘Father.’
‘Ha ha Lara,’ Zip said, and then the sound of a chair being pushed across the floor was heard, then Zip raising to his feet and the sound of tapping. ‘I’m checking for any groups of fast approaching people. I’ll tell you if any raiders appear.’
‘Good,’ Lara said, she looked over the edge of the cliff, crouched, rolled forward and spun just in time to grab the ledge. A puff of amazement came from Zip. Lara made her way down the cliff, holding every nuck and cranny that was available for Lara’s reach. Eventually, Lara made it to the bottom. She jogged around the bottom of the cliff, checking for any cave. There was one, a small gap with enough room for Lara to creep through.

Lara was in a long passageway, it was heading deeper down the cave and a black fog covered the rest. Lara clicked her PLS on and started forward. The sound of her footsteps echoed through the passageway… the only sound…
The black fog moved further back as she moved forward. She tapped her earpiece.
Great. No signal. What if raiders did come nearby? How would Lara make sure the exit is clear? Not that she was worrying or anything…
Finally, light was visible at the end; Lara broke into a fast jog, and almost fell right into a perfectly placed trap.
White spikes where sprouting from the floor, the walls and the ceiling ahead. Lara stared in frustration. How on earth was she supposed to get over there?
If this tomb was old enough…
‘Bomb my way through…’ Lara muttered to herself, she fumbled for her grenade on her belt, grabbed it, pulled out the pin and threw it at the spikes. The bomb exploded, and Lara smiled as the spikes swiped back in on themselves, vanishing, and making a clear path ahead, Lara sprinted anyway; she wasn’t taking any chances, SLASH!
Lara looked over her shoulder to see each of the spikes springing back into life, she had to run even faster, and the spikes were advancing quickly. If she didn’t get to the end of this tunnel, she’d be spiked to death. That definitely wasn’t a good way to go.
JUMP! Came a silent voice in Lara’s head, she plucked up all her strength and let her limbs push her from the ground. She rolled to a stop right at the end of the tunnel and her jaw dropped open in amazement at the massive room. The very thing she needed was right ahead, perched on a stone dais. As if it was that simple, but Lara had to try anyway.

Lara smiled in amazement and the little red artifact, it was a circular shape, with Egyptian hieroglyphs craved into it.
Take me, wake me.
Lara smiled and wrapped her fingers around the artifact, almost the instant her fingers touched it, and she heard grunting and moaning from behind her, the sound of sand dropping to the floor. Lara turned and her smile was wiped from her face instantly, because standing in front of her, were at least a dozen dead people. Great. It really meant wake me.
Lara looked around the room, a rope was dangling conveniently from the roof, and at the top of the rope was a door in which a small dent was in, obviously meaning for the artifact to be placed in it to open the door.
Lara pulled out her pistols and shot the zombies. None of them died. She thought hard, she backed away from the advancing zombies and smiled as she remembered something.
‘I hope this time the movies I’ve seen come in handy,’ Lara aimed, and shot each zombie dead with a bullet to the head. But she moaned when the floor around her started to crumble away. ‘Fabulous.’
Lara sprinted to the rope, grabbed it and climbed up it, eventually she came to the top, she put the artifact in the slot, the door opened, Lara climbed out, grabbed the artifact, stood upright, and stopped in horror as the scene around her registered in her head.
‘Lara!’ Came Zip’s voice. ‘The signals back! I have to tell you, your there are raiders right near your jeep! You’d better… oh crap.’
Zip had seen them, all perched on their horses looking smug and pleased, the raiders where staring down at Lara with their rifles in their hands.
‘Lara! RUN!’ Zip’s voice came from her earpiece, but before she could take a step forward, a thud came to the back of her neck.
Stars appeared in her vision; she was slipping away into unconsciousness… she felt hands grabbing her and taking away her weapons, then one loud gun shot was heard, and Lara closed her eyes…

There, hope you liked my entry. You guys can enter too.

17th Sep 2009, 21:26
Nice story. :)
I wish more people would enter. I suck at writing stories, so sorry.

Did you actually count the words by yourself? :o
There is a simple tool for that you know...

18th Sep 2009, 04:11
Okay my entry

NOTE: I wrote this story on the spot (repeatedly) because I haven't really seen any entries....

Have you ever seen something so beautiful it takes your breath away? I have, many times. This was one of those times. On the wall ahead a giant Scarab had been crafted. It's wings were made of diamond and it's shell of ruby. I told myself to breathe and let the stale air fill my lungs, raise my chest. As I breathe out I whisper to myself, "Beautiful."

"How about you take that home and call it a day?"

I have to roll my eyes. "Honestly, Zip, it's a bit large. Don't you think? And I'm after something much more important."

I look at the scarab for a minute longer. The tomb descended hundreds of feet below the desert sand, but oddly ended here. The wings. They're posable. I grab hold of one and pull it down. The other requires greater force but does move.

A horrible, bone chilling scream fills the air. I hear something move, but I'm unable to see it.

Max 28
18th Sep 2009, 09:34
Oooh nice trgal. :) Oh but don't we have a word counter on Microsoft Word? It seems more work to me having a page limit with a certain font but it's your comp and I'll abide by the rules. :p :)

Sounding good T.

18th Sep 2009, 14:02
is there a text counter? i thought there might be but i wasn't entirely sure... so i just think it's fair to have it as a short story but not with a limit of words. :p

22nd Sep 2009, 13:05
She awoke slowly to pitch darkness and a dull ache in the back of her skull. When her senses found her, Lara realised that she was doubled over, suspended in the air from her lower back. Listening for a moment for signs af adversary, but hearing only dripping water and the occasional scraping of a rope against stone, Lara struggled to decipher her situation.

Egypt. Wadi Biban el-Muluk, more commonly known as the Valley of the Kings. She recalled entering the tomb of a noble, Ramel Sekhta, who was purported to be the sole guardian of a part of the artifact.

The artifact.

It barely existed, with the exception of a few nondescript papyrus writings, thus was effectively ignored by treasure hunters and scholars alike. But Lara had noticed it. Not that by itself the item was considered special, or because it was written in the oldest form of heiratic script. No, it was noticed because its name was echoed in one the few remaining Mayan codecis. In the Greek scrolls of Ctesibius. And in the Chinese books of Zhu Ge Liang.

The Ellipse of Alliance.

The Mayan and Chinese artifacts were simple. In concurrence with the mention of an artifact came a family name which, as one may expect, had dug up their old forefathers to take claim to the gold and jewels whilst completely oblivious to the significance of the silver and emerald items. Lara had relieved them of the burden of not knowing. The Greek item had come somewhat less easily, requiring the adventurer to swim below Patras, typically due to the ancient Greek ingenuity.

The family Sekhta had passed down the location of their ancestors tomb down the line, ending with a lonely steelworker who thought less of protecting the namesake of his ancestors than accepting a monetary 'gift' that would make him again a noble amongst friends. So, in leading to the Valley of the Kings and entering the crypt, Lara had fallen prey to a typical anti-graverobber device with a moderate twist. Heated sand traps were a favourite of the Phoenicians, and for good reason. The sand would creep into the clothing and armour of the enemy, causing considerable damage to flesh. When the ceiling had opened up above her head Lara had rolled forward to evade, and successfully so, but the weight of the sand had shattered the thin trapboard platform hidden beneath the sandy floor, plunging the sand and Lara into the depths of the tomb.

It had only been a split-second reaction that Lara had fired off her grappling hook, to which had found a wall in the darkness. Gravity had came into play, swinging Lara through the darkness with force, and into an unseen object.


It was warm, wet against her cheek, and dripped from her nose into the black. Trailing the wet feeling with her hand, around past her ear, Lara realised it was an open wound on the back of her head - she hoped it was not too serious - and that it was the source of the dripping water sound. The fact that there was a water substance for the blood to drip into creating the echoing drip, suggested either she had been hanging there for some time, or was above a body of water.

She felt for her shoulder lamp next, but only found the jagged edges of a shattered bulb. Despite the circumstances, Lara smiled to herself and reached for her belt for the pocket Maglite, grateful for the small things. But it was not to be found - at least not where it was supposed to be. A moment of searching in the dark and she discovered that the force of the swing had snapped a belt in her harness, so now the front was around her lower back. Pulling the light from her back, Lara twisted the light on and surveyed her surroundings.

A metre to her left stood a grand pillar, an obelisk to honor some god - which Lara had appeared to give an offering of blood. That explains the headache. Looking up, Lara could faintly see the point where the grapple had dug in, a mere 30cm from the mouth of an entrance channel. Lucky shot. But that was all, the rest was pitch darkness. The blood.

As a drip fell from her nose, she counted. One, two... two seconds. That's certainly enough to kill you.

Plan B.

Placing the Maglite in her mouth, after a quick stretch Lara grabbed the grapple rope, and began to swing. As she neared the pillar she grabbed it, and triggered the release catch. The head of the grapple whizzed past her into the darkness and clattered on stone. Sliding down the pillar to the bottom, Lara noticed something vaguely unusual. The pillar has no markings. It was perfectly smooth.
Studying the grapple revealed that the return spring had bent, rendering it inoperable, thus Lara left it on the floor at the base of the obelisk, leaving consideration of an exit strategy to later in favour of the task at hand. Turning about in the darkness, the Maglite gently illuminated a waist high object nearby. As Lara approached she was delighted to find an oil channel, and eagerly reached for a Zippo in her pocket. Faithfully it brought forth flame when opened, and she touched it to the oily surface.

The result was breathtaking.

Flames shot out in both directions, racing along the walls, and up, into hundreds of microchannels that twisted and turned along the granite surfaces, shimmering like sunbathed water. The spectacle so grand that Lara stumbled back and tripped over a small dip in the floor, falling flat on her back. What appeared to be a good two hundred metres either side of her, the flames suddenly changed direction and paralleled past into the distance, illuminating the walls as they charged ahead. Lara frantically rolled over onto her stomach to see, a sense of sheer joy and bewilderment crossing her face.

The room was impossibly large. Almost a kilometre in the distance stood a massive temple, with glimmering gold and silver columns, and a gargantuan stone figure built to watch over its entrance. An entrance which was oddly a storey from the ground, with massive stone doors blocking the way. The flames stopped ten metres either side of the temple, seemingly blocked by the two columns.

Around Lara there were four pillars, perfectly spaced ten metres apart, surrounded by gilded thrones, encircling a square pool of water that was now stained with Lara's blood. Lara walked the distance towards the temple, dropping a storey into a pit in front of entrance which spanned half of the entire chamber. Not quite visible from the other end were the two thin diamond columns framing the doorway, protected from the flames by the gilded columns. In the middle of the pit was a lonesome hook. To the left was a device with eight massive weights suspended by cables on a metal structure, evenly spaced like teeth on a lower jaw. Lara pulled back on one of the cables, lifting the weight. It was a struggle, and as she let go it slammed into the metal surface, a resounding clang echoing through the room. The room seem to pulsate under the sound, encircling, appearing to rest on the temple - where the gilded columns seemed to shift ever so slightly.

Lara looked back at the device, then again at the doorway and columns. No... really?

It's a combination lock! The right sound will cause the columns to vibrate and shift upwards in the slightly tapered channels - but what is the sound? It took only a moment.

It was the year, or more precisely, the century. Each of the scholars responsible for the artifact lived during the 2nd century. It was a binary code - 11001000. Individually struggling with the cables of the first, second and fifth weights, Lara latched them onto the hook in the floor. With a solid stomp they were unhooked and the weights fell to the floor. The magical sound rang through and around, the columns rapidly sliding upwards and kept in place as the oil and flame flooded in and around the diamond structures.

A brilliant light filled all that Lara could see, and the doors fell inwards. It was only at this point that, thanks to years of experience, Lara became uneasy. She already had her guns in hand before any conscious thought.

The figure in front of the chamber thundered to life, the keeper of the artifact, the detroyer of thieves. It all made sense now - the deep pit, the high entrance - it was a deathtrap for anyone who figured out the code. They would have had ladders, or planks, only to be crushed by the gargantua.

Lara began firing as the beast lumbered towards her. Against solid stone the bullets were all but useless, pitting small holes in the surface. Dodging as two massive hands slammed into the earth, Lara leapt around the back of the creature. It gradually turned, but crossed the distance in a few seconds and swung - though again for nothing but air.

I can't keep this up forever! A interesting, but long shot, idea came to mind. Lara opened up on the gargantuan, the legs, back and shoulders, inching towards the temple - then holstered her weapons. As the beast came down for another swing Lara leapt up and onto the creatures thigh, grabbing hold of the pits created by the pistol rounds. Scrambling up over the hip, then the back she was nearly dislodged as her adversary twisted, searching for the pest. Reaching up she grabbed the damaged shoulder and stood upon it, triumphant. The beast came for one last attempt at crushing its foe, but as Lara dived for the ledge in front of the doorway it found only its own head - and the stone on stone impact shattered both skull and fist.

The temple was somewhat disappointing. A small chamber with bare walls. On a pedestal in the centre lay the fourth part of the artifact - the diamond chassis. Lara produced from her pack the Mayan silver, the Greek gold and the Chinese emerald and placed them into the chassis. The artifact - though beautiful in its design - seemed to have no significant properties other than the perfect implementation of its parts. Her prize attained, Lara made her way back to the pillars where she had left her grapple.

No sooner had Lara entered the square of pillars, the artifact began to vibrate, humming a gentle sound. Almost magnetically, it yearned for the centre of the pool, and Lara obliged. Placing it into the water it caused the water to shimmer, and Lara stepped from the pool to remove the ripples she herself created.

The water gently lifted from the pool, a transparent orb that hovered at the apex of the pillars, an image appearing in its midst. It was the image of all that is, and has been. Seated on a throne of the council, Lara could see truth of any time, any event that she so wished - the true builders of the pyramids, the true desires of the worlds' governing bodies, the true cause of her Himalayan plane crash. And as the truths of all - the visions of greed, hate and anger - came flooding from the device, the Alliance Eye of Ruling, Lara wept.

22nd Sep 2009, 13:13
Hope that wasn't too long - I didn't do a word count :rolleyes:

And I hope you enjoyed it...

Edit: Oh. 1909 word count in OpenOffice. Sorry :( If I could find the time to cut it down, I will.

22nd Sep 2009, 14:22
it's fine... i said that it doesn't matter how much words you have, just as long as it is short. well done!

22nd Sep 2009, 19:56
wow that was really good, shame that it had to be short :[ i really liked it :D

22nd Sep 2009, 20:20

the limit has been scratched

Somehow, I completely missed that post. And the bit about the Sep 30 deadline. Really shouldn't read forums late at night. Oh well. :nut:

30th Sep 2009, 14:03
it would seem there have only been two entries... anyway... voting starts soon between the two entries... hope next time more people join!

30th Sep 2009, 20:53
Three entries - yours, NatlaUnleashed and mine.

Did you want to extend it perhaps? I want to see more participants :(

Max 28
1st Oct 2009, 02:01
Wow, darksaiyan, I just read your entry, it's amazing! I am really impressed, that was very well written. :D Exciting, descriptive, punchy suspense and great development. Yeah, just wow. :thumb:

I have to apologise, I have only begun writing my entry. Now as I'm not so busy I have more time to work on it, but yeah, sorry I didn't make the deadline.

1st Oct 2009, 06:14
Hey cheers Max, it's the first and only fanfic I've ever written. I kinda found it fun and I've started a new one - is there a place for all these fics?

1st Oct 2009, 13:59
ok... voting thread will go up soon.