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1st Sep 2009, 13:31
Hi, i've just downloaded the PC demo,
i was installing it just now, and suddenly the installer closed.
No error reports no nothing. Just closed.
Then i re run the demo application.
until it reach the screen with batman, and underneath was the install batman game and install directX

the install batman cant be clicked,
It does not even let me click. what should i do?

1st Sep 2009, 16:49
someone help me, or you guys don't understand what i said?

the pc knight
1st Sep 2009, 19:09
Dudes Here is what worked for me cuz i also had a problem with the inst.

After you download the demo right clic the downloaded file and click extract here or where evar you want.
Then wait for it to extract, it takes some time. And form the extracted files you can start up the luncher to instal the demo. Hope i helpet. And sorry for my english, i am bulgarian by nationality

2nd Sep 2009, 09:23
Well i can go open the installer, but i cant install the demo.

here's what i mean, i cant click on install Demo


For those who think that by pressing play game i'm able to play, I can't. It shows " the specific file was not found "

the pc knight
2nd Sep 2009, 10:12
maybe the pc thinks you already inst. Try an uninstall option- if you can

the pc knight
2nd Sep 2009, 10:14
hope you can figure it out, and hope to god that this doesnt happen with the full game. I will go crazy if that happens on the full version to me.-i dont wish such a fate even to the joker

2nd Sep 2009, 11:27
the problem is, i cant find any uninstall option. Or .exe files to uninstall.