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the pc knight
1st Sep 2009, 09:04
How do you get the dlc? I mean by regestraiting somwhere or you get a code? How does it work? And how can i get the dlc if i buy the normal version? Thanks for your time!


1st Sep 2009, 11:07
If you buy the game on pc and you have a internet connection you have DLC. But you still need codes i think!

Ace Antilles
1st Sep 2009, 21:53
You download the DLC through Games for Windows Live.
You will get it from that site as it comes available.

If you get the Collectors Version or Dem Bones pre-order map you get a code to use to activate it.
But unless you buy either of those specials there will be no DLC available for at least a month.

the pc knight
2nd Sep 2009, 10:02
thanks, i just hope that we have at least some freedlc at launch