View Full Version : PCI cards for physx?

1st Sep 2009, 05:54
I only have one PCIEx16 slot on my mobo, looking at newegg at PCI based cards I found these....would any of these be decent physx cards or just a waste of money and a pain to deal with? I have a 192core GTX 260 FTW



Its kinda painful to pay that much....as a GTX260 core 216 runs about the same price with the game and rebate factored in.....

would it even work?

1st Sep 2009, 06:31
I wouldn't waste the money and just run without PhysX. If you have an Nvidia it should come with Physx. If it doesn't then oh well. I got an ATI and no Physx. Nvm I was mistaken.

if you have a GTX 260 it should have Physx on it buddy.


1st Sep 2009, 07:07
waste of time on the pci slot. also the real world minimum card for dedicated physx is a 9600gt and preferably a 9800gt or better. having a 9500gt could actually slow you down in some cases and usually wont help the min framerate which is the most important. just stick with your gtx260 192sp and turn down the AA and you will have no issues running both very settings and high physx especially if you are below 1920.

1st Sep 2009, 22:37
That what I figured, thank trek, just looking for an excuse to upgrade something, its been awhile....