View Full Version : Jesper Kyd isn't scoring for Mini Ninjas ? ...

31st Aug 2009, 19:13
Wikipedia lists Peter Svarre as the composer for Mini Ninjas , this would make the first time that Jesper Kyd doesn't score for a IO Interactive game ...

But that doesn't mean that the soundtrack wouldn't be good , of course ...

1st Sep 2009, 13:58
It's accurate. Jesper did not compose the score. Peter has done an outstanding job, however, so you should certainly look forward to that.

1st Sep 2009, 22:32
Of course , of course ...

By the way , any chance for a soundtrack release ? ...
Or do we have to find it on youtube again ? (gotta tell you finding the Kane & Lynch Dead Men soundtrack wasn't a piece of cake) ...

2nd Sep 2009, 06:35
No, OST won't be released. :(

2nd Sep 2009, 10:51
I hope Jesper returns for Kane & Lynch 2 and Hitman 5.

2nd Sep 2009, 13:48
Well, we're not doing a soundtrack release but it might be possible that Peter will publish it. I'll try to find out if there are any plans like that but I haven't heard anything about it to be honest.

fatal shadow
2nd Sep 2009, 20:20
That would be awesome.

I love what I heard so far in the demo.

3rd Oct 2009, 20:12
gotta get my hands on this soundtrack, please guys, a limited MP3 release wouldn't kill ya would it?

c'mon.... don't hide this, it should be OUT THERE!!!!