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30th Aug 2009, 23:22
I love Batman, played the the demo 3 times!

..but the slow motion effect after every kick get really annoying (and thats playing the demo!)
So please, devs add an option disable the slow motion!

31st Aug 2009, 03:15
Its there to signify you've completely cleared the area of active enemies. In the first encounter with the gun toting goons, if you leave the first 3 alive and just sneak past, when you take out the guy chewing the fat with Uncle J, no slow mo.....if you took the time to take out the 3 Goons with silent takedowns you get the slow mo with the chatty goon. It may not be very useful in the demo, but in the main game knowing an area is totally clear could be a big asset and keep you on your toes for an upcoming ambush while your checking an area out.

It may be left out on high difficulty settings like the "Batty sense" lighting bolts indicating you can counter attack.

1st Sep 2009, 02:08
I think he's also talking about every higher-impact blow, after two or three strikes, that Batman throws. Be it a spinning fist, kick, somersaulting two kick blast, etc., down the line, all of those moves in anything more than a one-two punch will be in slow motion before the impact. Then, real time again to fight the next goon. I don't see any way that's to be turned off, unless they put an option for it in the final game. I kind of doubt it, given it's all about the style and showing the badass-ery of Batman.

1st Sep 2009, 02:18
Would you rather them throw in the bubbles with Biff, Bam,POW!!!!? Personally I like the way the combat works, it gives it a comic feel that I think they were going for, the pauses are like the action frames in a comic.

1st Sep 2009, 02:27
I agree. I love it, actually, so I wasn't complaining.