View Full Version : Machinima?

30th Aug 2009, 14:56
Anybody have any idea what level of access will provided to make movies? Obviously, one could FRAPS the gameplay, but I'm hoping for something more substantive, like the scripting of character movements and speaking as with the Quake 3 engine.

I am, not coincidentally, the producer of the world's most downloaded feature-length, machinima-produced movie, Borg War.

BORG WAR WEBSITE (http://www.borgwarmovie.org)

30th Aug 2009, 17:21
You've certainly sparked an interesting idea in my mind, although not what you request/want I'll try to make a machinima based on B:AA :)

3rd Sep 2009, 21:30
I may have answered my own question by googling around a bit. Apparently there are many tools for using the U3 engine to build Machinima. I predict some pretty incredible projects coming out in the next few months....