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29th Aug 2009, 23:38
I have done my report on the sequal based on:
Just Cause 2 10 min of gameplay

now I'm commenting this game from these factors:
1. Colors
2. Story
3. Graphics
4. Controlling
5. comparing it with the first.

Where 0 for bad 1 for neutral and 2 for good

1. I think that Avalanche could have worked a litle bit more with the colors in explotions. And the colors in this game is pretty tame and you could have brought some more life to the enemies in mid-air etc... OK colors
=1 you could have worked a little bit more on this

2. The story resembels much like the first one, locate and exterminate... But this time it isn't the missions that run it, but chaos by destroying military bases, hope you keept the takeover... But back to this idea. Is it genius or is it totally bad? It could end up with that you fail and fail and fail once again to destroy a base, hope it is easy, but not too easy.
= 2 + for the cool new stuff like the hook and sandbox gameplay
- for that it isn't a new story at all

3. Grapichs... the hard part. The stunt positions is more ridicilous now but they are good, whatever people say. You could have developed a destoyable enviroment like the Battlefield: Bad Company features. And while connecting your enemies to the grappler it looks like they instanty die, they are more like ragdolls in air. Else it is great with more types of enviroment... but it doesn' thave that asiatic feel over it. Rico also have changed ALOT theh years, from a masculine prettyboy to a tired 40 year old, you better have a reason to get Rico look so tired... drug abuse...? The water, wich is the hardest thing to animate looks fine.
= 1 + for changing enviroment
+ for water
- for lack of the asian culture

4. Controlling: This really looks great! More smoother moves from Rico and his enemies, no more flying three meters after being shot by the bulldogs. Love the concept of moving in combat, both in vehicles and on ground. Also that you have to struggle to get in the car! The aiming looks also really cool. No disturbing details and still not to boring.

=2 + for smoother gameplay
+ for that you have to move in combat

5. The sequal looks disappointly much like the first, but Rico have gone trough a tough change I can see. No more boring jungles and the planes looks like they are moving faster than in the first.

1 - you have been wery carefull about the changes.
+ for new boats, cars choppers

overall: 7/10

29th Aug 2009, 23:40
sorry for all spelling fails, no good in english

30th Aug 2009, 03:41
You know that video is rather old... alot would have changed by now.

No need to review a game until you've played it :)

Mr Chainsaw
30th Aug 2009, 09:17
You know that video is rather old... alot would have changed by now.

No need to review a game until you've played it :)

True. The game is far from being released.

30th Aug 2009, 18:55
yea they're most likely gonna change things around by march. I think everyone on this forum should get like a free 30 min demo of the game exclusive to us of course and then we could do a review of the game so far. HEY DEVS IT WOULD DEF BOOST SALES. just wishful thinking

30th Aug 2009, 20:30
yeah, iknow the vid is really old. I also have based this on the panau trailer, wich is pretty new. If you guys don't know about a super-secret web site where all the vids come 2 weeks before youtube.

PLUS that this was more of an improvment post than a review post