View Full Version : Coolest things you've done in the game

28th Aug 2009, 00:34
I was right before the Dr Young search thing where you fight the 3 thugs standing around. i knocked out 2 and on the 3rd one, i threw him into the table. The table broke and I also broke the thugs leg.

28th Aug 2009, 00:39

28th Aug 2009, 01:16
yanked a dude off to the abyss using the grapple

28th Aug 2009, 03:57
using the remote control batarang i knocked down 5 guys and then brought it back to batman giving me the catch achievement that was epic. batman arkham asylum FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28th Aug 2009, 03:58
Huh? How can one batarang take out 5 guys? Don't they hit once and then fall to the ground?

door noob
28th Aug 2009, 03:58
Remote control batarang ^ ...

28th Aug 2009, 04:00
Yeah but still I used the remote batarang and it dropped to the ground the first person I hit.

door noob
28th Aug 2009, 04:00
Use it in a shorter distance from where you are located, there is even an achievement in one of the predator room to hit three guys out with the remote control batarang, with the same batarang.

28th Aug 2009, 04:02
spent 5 minutes trying to break out Clayface.

door noob
28th Aug 2009, 04:03
Good luck :thumb: ^ I bet you on a pc with a certain mod that could be possible.

28th Aug 2009, 04:06
Broke through glass using the line launcher.

28th Aug 2009, 06:17
i did a ledge takedown to a sniper on a guard tower, hes not gettin up

28th Aug 2009, 06:22
The coolest thing to do is pull down a thug with your Batclaw.

Another cool thing is the corner takedown.

28th Aug 2009, 06:27
Uh... spending 4 hours trying to find Dr.Young's finger prints when I didn't have to lol

Big Boss
28th Aug 2009, 06:30
spent 5 minutes trying to break out Clayface.

lol same here.

28th Aug 2009, 07:37
shortly after getting the Ultra batclaw and pulling three thugs off a ledge

28th Aug 2009, 07:44
lol same here.

lol I also tried to do that... without it realizing it was clayface til I scanned him.

For me the best part was where there were 2 henchman holding rifles, I through a remote control batarang and steered it into both of them to disarm them and took the rest easily.

28th Aug 2009, 07:45
On the demo, got a 24x multiplier on the second set of goons at the start. Did some sick throws and takedowns, especially liked the one where you spin his arm over your head and drop your knee into the shoulder. FEEL DA CRUNCH!

28th Aug 2009, 08:58
killed 4 guys in one of the stalker rooms in the story mode and took out the floor they were standing on with the ultra bat claw and they all died once they hit the ground in front of me

28th Aug 2009, 09:03
killed 4 guys in one of the stalker rooms in the story mode and took out the floor they were standing on with the ultra bat claw and they all died once they hit the ground in front of me

I hope you know if you check their status it says they're unconscious.

28th Aug 2009, 09:35
Figured out how to get the Invisible Predator map done in 42 seconds. Quite proud of myself for that one.

28th Aug 2009, 09:36
In the greenhouse predator challenge room. I sprayed explosive gel on the ground then grappled to a gargoyle. Then I used a sonic batarang and threw it right near the explosive gel. When the henchman discovered the batarang the auto proximity detonated the gel. Instead of just getting dizzy the henchman backflipped, hit his neck on the guard rail then died. Well technically he was unconscious but that would have definately killed him.

Also in the medical predator challenge room as the Joker I killed a guard then hid in a nearby vent (with standing room) then as the other guards huddled by the body of their dead friend I sent in a chattering teeth and killed all 5 of the leftover guards. I couldn't believe it.

28th Aug 2009, 12:39
The coolest thing I've done is popped the game into the drive to continue my game and find that it was miraculously deleted! GRR! My favorite part though was playing on Hard and taking out the 10 guys in Arkham Mansion without getting hit once.