View Full Version : Problem running demo (ninja.exe has encountered a problem)

27th Aug 2009, 20:31
So far I havent been able to run the PC demo. The game crashes either during the game menu or sometimes gets as far as the intro movie and crashes mid way though that. :(

Error given is "ninja.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"

My system: WinXP 32 Pro SP3, Athlon 64x2 4600+, 2GB ram, ATI 4770 with driver ver 8.640 (latest), DirectX 9.0c

Tried setting low res in the ini file: didnt help
Tried disabling visual themes (in compatibility options): didnt help
Turned off AV realtime protection etc: didnt help

Should my system be able to run this demo? Any suggestions on what else I could try to get it working? :scratch:

1st Sep 2009, 11:52
I had a similar problem with the demo crashing to desktop immediately after the loading screen. Was searching everywhere for a solution, but ended up having to solve it myself.

Try opening 'dxdiag' and decreasing the hardware acceleration on the sound tab to basic. That's what solved it for me.