View Full Version : after beating game need help! with last riddle!!

27th Aug 2009, 10:46
Hello everyone i beat the game and with one last riddle to go i'm stuck
the last riddle is an audio tape and its located in THE PRESSURE CONTROL JUNCTION in the far left room in the CAVES now for some reason after beating the game i can't seem to disable the static fields on the door and now i can't remember or don't think im even able to access that area from the way i went out of the elevator shaft thing out into ARKHAM WEST any ideas? Please Help

27th Aug 2009, 10:58
everything is possible.. :)

Clown Prince Of Crime
27th Aug 2009, 11:08
could you email me your completed save file for the ps3 i mad a mistake and i deleted mine could you help me out please my email is melanie0042@msn.com thank you

Are you asking for someone to give you there save file ?

I don't think anyone will say yes to that.

27th Aug 2009, 11:11
Have you upgraded your cryptographic sequencey thing?

The jackhammer
28th Aug 2009, 23:25
I'm having the exact same problem

The jackhammer
28th Aug 2009, 23:43
I figured it out. To get past the shock wall, follow the yellow wires in detective mode. The control box is right outside the door