View Full Version : Demo wont run on my pc!!!!

27th Aug 2009, 06:16
Demo wont run on my pc!!!! I keep getting the phyx error! I tried the latest 190 nvidia driver and still doest work. Please help 2.4 quad core
8800 gts in sli,3 gigs of ram,win xp

27th Aug 2009, 08:50
Does it run with physx disabled?

27th Aug 2009, 09:14
i will try that now! should the 8800gt run physx?

27th Aug 2009, 09:16
it should be lets walk before u run ;)

28th Aug 2009, 05:54
even with physx disabled im gettin nvidia physx failed to intialize error,then a runtime error please help.

28th Aug 2009, 06:19
Is the nVidia card driver up to date? If not, then try updating it. Go to nVidia's site and look under the GeForce 8 series. The PhysX driver is seperate, so don't bother updating that.

28th Aug 2009, 06:43
I thought it updated both driver and physx!?i tried the new nvidia driver and it crashes my codwaw! First time i ever had a problem with latest nvidia driver! 190.62 i think is a piece!

28th Aug 2009, 17:27
This is a demo....try disabling one of your cards and see how it runs on a single card, they may not have implemeted SLI support yet. If it works try to use your second card for physx.