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27th Aug 2009, 04:32
Hi im new to the forum,
I just have a bit of a problem,
I downloaded the demo with steam.
And by accident I did not enable physx when arkham asylum first started up.
Now i cant find a way to enable physx in the game. The menu when i first started doesnt come up on the desktop anymore.

I have phyx enabled on my card though with nvidia but in the game its not enabled. How can i fix this?

I have a GTX280. with the latest drivers.

Thank you , Akashik

Kevin =]
27th Aug 2009, 04:40
it should come up in settings before you launch the game

27th Aug 2009, 04:42
the settings menu doesnt come up, thats the problem

27th Aug 2009, 05:08
Navigate to Program Files/Eidos/Batman Arkham Asylum Demo/Binaries/BmLauncher.exe

Create a shortcut on your desktop to this file. This should open the launcher.

27th Aug 2009, 05:24
I cant get to that file or area, because i downloaded with steam and whenever i click on the batman shortcut on my desktop and ask to go to file directory / location it takes me to the steam folder, which has no batman data. And there is no eidos folder in my program files.

27th Aug 2009, 05:36
Navigate to your steam folder, then go to \steamapps\common\

27th Aug 2009, 09:02
If using XP, click to the launcher/setup in the Start menu.

If using Vista, right click the game icon, then select Launcher.

8th Sep 2009, 10:25
Reinstall the game from the download without uninstalling and before it installs you will be given the option to Enable it!