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27th Aug 2009, 02:59
Got the game today. Game freezes consistently at the Harley Quinn explosion cut scene early in the game. Disc is unblemished, cache has been cleared, tried 8 other games without an issue.

Froze ten times in a row at this cut scene. The game has been out for only a few days and there are complaints all over the forums, mainly from XBox users, and almost always at a cut scene (results may vary).

I won't go the route of exchanging the game 3-4 times just to have it keep freezing, or be convinced by other posters that my two month old XBox is lurching towards the RROD even though it plays all other games fine. This is most certainly a problem with the game itself that needs to be patched.

Here's hoping that an official mod post acknowledging this issue will be made, with an estimate on how long it will take to release a patch to make the game playable.

27th Aug 2009, 03:03
This could be very bad, any 360 freezing is a cause for concern. It's a rrod preamble. See if u have freezing in other games, menu, after a few minutes of playing. Also improve ventalation of 360 and power brick.

Trust me the fact you had that thing for 2 months means nothing, they break without reason or warning whenever they feel like it.

27th Aug 2009, 03:15
Sorry, but that's what the game developers want people to think. Check the previous post. Eight other games.....no issues. Only with this game. Logically, you would think that would mean a faulty disc.

But no, I've played this little game before. I refused to buy into this when Madden 09 came out and no one could play a franchise....just sat with the original copy for a while, let everyone else exchange their "faulty discs" for more "faulty discs". Then patch # 2 comes out..... {GASP} no more freezing.

I will gladly eat my disc with a smile if a patch doesn't come out in the near future addressing this. The game just came out, not all platforms seem affected, so if Eidos handles it right, (and promptly)......no harm, no foul.

27th Aug 2009, 03:17
no it freezes on PS3 too. ive had 2 faulty disks

27th Aug 2009, 03:41
I've gone through 3 360s within 4 months, trust me I know what I speak of.

27th Aug 2009, 05:36
My husband and I got it for XBox 360. We have had no game freezes so far. We also own two XBox 360's and have never had problems with either of them. I don't understand where all the complaints come from for 360 (knock on wood). I love this system and think it's the best.

27th Aug 2009, 06:34
I also own it for 360 and no freezing played for over 5 hours ? Sounds like a bad disk u can get them sometime even when they look clean. I would return it for a new one.

29th Aug 2009, 19:38
....not. Exchanged disc twice. Each disc freezes at different parts. Tried both discs on two different XBox 360 consoles. All other games play fine on all three consoles. Submitted a request to Eidos customer service, they requested a receipt copy, which I gave them, have not heard back yet.

Patch please !!

29th Aug 2009, 19:49
You won't hear anything until Monday at the earliest. If you are experiencing the same thing in different spots after replacing the disc and a majority of others do not have this problem then the issue would either be the disc you have or your system and my bet would be your system. Mass Effect did the same to me. No other game had an issue except ME which would sputter almost in the same area. A week later I RRoD. Of course that is my own personal experience and like I said, you probably won't hear anything until Monday at the earliest.

30th Aug 2009, 03:07

Wow, three systems are about to get the RROD at the same time....what a coincidence ! Three different systems, three different discs, one game. I'm no rocket scientist but....

Seriously though, there are a lot of games in the last few years that had freezing issues fixed by patches. And no, not everyone experienced problems, it was hit or miss.

The game hasn't even been out a week, and yeah, I kind of doubt I'll hear back from someone on the weekend. I'm still just laughing at this point....it won't be so funny if the patch doesn't come out for another two weeks though.

I'm usually smart enough not to buy a game for about a month, or until the first major patch comes out to fix all the bugs and stablility issues. Comes with the territory these days.

But I just had to pre-order it, cause it looked so good....hopefully I get to play it sometime in the near future.