View Full Version : Did all the closed beta keys go out already?

27th Feb 2014, 01:07
Basically the topic title. I'm just wondering if I still have a chance to get in tomorrow or if I'm doomed to wait.

27th Feb 2014, 13:52
I too would like to know this, hugh LOK fan cant wait till release please let there be more keys!

27th Feb 2014, 14:04
Just like the Alpha keys the Beta keys will be randomly distributed as the beta goes on.
so more players will join the longer the beta will run.

Next to this I think the beta keys for this first period are all send. Because they send, but I cannot say this with a 100% certainty.

27th Feb 2014, 17:22
It is a great possibility they have sent them out. Since it is based off of a lottery system then patience is going to be the "key". I signed up the day I saw a teaser for this game and I didn't receive a key. I am not complaining because atleast people get to play and also I get to watch streams of this game. Possibly be someone's coach on twitch XD. In the meantime get ampd and soon I feel they will draw more and more people to enter so the carnage can resume.