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27th Aug 2009, 01:19
I just played the DEMO of Batman Arkham Asylum, and I havn't been more excited for a game since Far Cry 2. Oh man it's so awsome, I didn't find a single flaw which was what I expected from the Far Cry 2 development team and was not let down, but this game oh this game wow it was so much fun FAAARRR from frustrating and incredible controle over your character with the 360 controller for windows. This was a game that I was looking forward to but expected it to be released flawed unfinished and finicky but oh was I wrong. I am ecstatic about the decision to include nVidia PhysX in the mix and the physx in this game is a job well done - incredible. What more can I say?

27th Aug 2009, 01:27
I think I speak for the lot of us when I say:


oh, yeah and welcome to the forums.

27th Aug 2009, 03:18
LOL, i share the same feeling bmxjumperc, I am just over 50% completed and i am still excited over this game, I had to take a short break and post here. You will NOT be disappointed! What i really like are the game level designs. Alot of it are huge rooms where YOU decide how to beat your enemies, strategize, take your time, give it some thought! Once you have built up your arsenal of gadgets, the possibilities are numerous......EPIC!!!! ohhhh and those graphics!!! saawweeet!!