View Full Version : anybody know what happens after you solve all the riddles

27th Aug 2009, 01:09
i was wondering what happens after you solve all the riddles

Riddling Artist
27th Aug 2009, 01:22
nobody knows yet... i think... there are speculations that as soon as yuo solve them all you get to find the riddler... but its still just speculation

27th Aug 2009, 01:27


27th Aug 2009, 01:57
when u have about10/20 riddles left u get a message say'n were the riddler is at(his house..hes not in arkham. then when u get all of the riddles u hear the cops show up and arrest him in your bat raido. i guess wile u are looking for the riddles u tell the cops were hes at.

27th Aug 2009, 01:58
I know what happens

27th Aug 2009, 02:04
I just got done beating the game just an hour ago. I was woundering if there were any secret villains that could possibly be unlocked. I really wanted to see (Mr.Freeze) in the game. But I cant have everything. To get back on topic, I am actually going to try and find all the riddles. It would make sense that, you get to find him some where on the Asylum's property once you solve all his riddles. But he is not the kind of person you would fight. If anything he would congratulate you and give you something of value.