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27th Feb 2014, 00:42
Okay so i've been playing FF 7 since the ps1, And now since the release of the HD release i picked it back up for the nostalgia ,and have beat the game as of a few days ago. Now even in HD when Sephiroth unleashes Supernova, the celestial spheres map comes up, followed up by some strange illegible text, followed by the mathematics, Can anyone please tell me what the first half says?i cant seem to find a HD picture good enough to decipher myself, Below is the best picture i can find and any kinda zoome makes it blury.


23rd Mar 2014, 07:39
I am no FFVII master by any means. I've only played and beaten it once, many, many years ago. That picture I don't even remember. But I'd hazard a guess, that it's a mathmatical equation (obviously), that perhaps explains, or tries to explain, the actual "Super Nova" ability. You see the Golden Ratio,as well as the sysmbol for Gold (AU), so possibly alchemy is involved, The diagram part shows some type of orbit or tragectory (maybe the orbit of the celestial bodies in the "SuperNova"?. Also seeing the sysmbol for pie, and radius, so something to do with a circular object(s), planets maybe? I mean if the game came out today, I may read more into it, as gamer's are getting more savvy, and hidden easter eggs that actually pertain to real world events or dates pop up alot now. See Assassin's Creed series. But this, I'd say it's just a fake formula that doesn't really work. or who knows not me, maybe it is an actual well known physics/or asrolological formula that means something, I'm no math or planetary scholar?but definitely can't allow someone to cast a SN :p, But again I'd say it's just supposed explain the mathematic principles of the "supernova".

Thanks for sharing though. Think I may Download this off the PS3 store and play it again. I remember it was such a great game.

10th Apr 2014, 15:37
I know the math is slightly correct, and thank you for responding, but I'm talking about the upper text, the very top. its a bunch of faded letters that i cant make out. I've tried to contact Square-Enix and they don't seem to have anything about it either, or have told me they do no give *spoilers and hints* so if anyone knows the very top illegible text says please feel free to share. but please do not guess.