View Full Version : Wow this game, just wow...

Yet T
26th Aug 2009, 22:25
This game is simply amazing. I know it’s been said many times but I just cant stop playing this masterpiece. Great job Rocksteady! I do have one huge complaint though………it ends.

Hall E Woode
26th Aug 2009, 22:28
But then you can start again! :D

Kai Rei
26th Aug 2009, 22:37
And theres hope for a sequel! :D

the jokes on you
26th Aug 2009, 22:38
im happy:). this is one of those games that ill never trade in. i will play it 1ce ever few months or so besides now which ill play it 3 times at launch

26th Aug 2009, 22:44
The first time you play it, go slow and collect alot. Not everything, but alot. Then the second time you can go through it and be a completionist. Then the third time you can role play and pretend you really are batman going through the asylum in a one night playthrough (speed run forgetting collectibles). Play the challenge maps and after a few weeks go through it again. This is how to get the most out of the re-playability of this game.

I think this is how Kevin Conroy is doing it.

Yet T
27th Aug 2009, 22:51
^^^^ great advice lol. I have been having some freezing issues though. XB360