View Full Version : Maybe the best game I've played for PS3 *contains spoilers*

26th Aug 2009, 18:24
I have just finally finished this game and I absolutely loved the whole experience. Forget what everyone has said about the ending being a letdown it's bogus. It's a perfect end to a perfect game, we get to keep the Joker for the next installment and the setup for the next game is great and for those who have finished it will know the main villan will be none other than ....? Well, I won't spoil it but damn I can't wait for the sequel.

One quick thing I'd like to comment on is perhaps my favorite thing about this game is the Scarecrow levels are out of this world. For me I liked him more than the Joker, just because how twisted he was and those levels. Don't get me wrong the Joker was great it's just I never pictured them doing that. Great job Rocksteady you have replace Metal Gear Solid & Uncharted as my favorite PS3 title to date.

Just in case people may think I'm a new PS3 owner I have about 60 titles and have had my system from day one. I own and have beat great games like the COD titles, Killzone 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, Bioshock and many others. To think this game is so expansive on a small island makes me anxious to see who big they make Arkham considering the way they leave you hanging with the bank robbery in progress in the end. It's a shame we will have to wait at least 2 years to see this sequel I want it next year!!

26th Aug 2009, 18:38
Wow! Impressive that so many people really like this game so much! It's really a sleeper hit because it's made by no other popular game developer (i.e. Bungie, Epic, etc.)

26th Aug 2009, 18:41
The OP has some spoilers...be forewarned.

26th Aug 2009, 19:30
spoilers added to thread name and in sections of post.

26th Aug 2009, 19:47
spoilers added to thread name and in sections of post.

:thumb: Thanks chip!

26th Aug 2009, 19:47
just a question, how far is the poison ivy battle into the game, as thats where i am now