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26th Aug 2009, 13:30
Having played Batman: Arkham Asylum for 2 hours last night, and revisiting a couple scenes from Nolan's, The Dark Knight, I can say that the Video Game does a better Job at recreating the Batman universe from the comic books. Now don't get me wrong, The Dark Knight was and is, one my my favorite movies of all time. But when comparing the two games, when it comes to the atmosphere, characters, the look of Batmans suit and voice, gadgets, batmobile and ect, overall I prefer Arkham Asylum.

So what do you guys think? Which do you think is better?

(I recommend popping in your copy of Dark Knight first and watching like 5 mins. Since it's easily the best Batman movie, don't let that cloud your judgement :nut:)

26th Aug 2009, 13:33
That was the whole point of Rocksteady making a batman game. They were not trying to make it comform to Nolan's idea of Batman (which was good as a movie imo). Nolan on the other hand was making a movie BASED on a comic book character. I don't think Nolan was really trying to created the Batman that the comics portray. Up to a degree yes, but after all it is a movie and there are certain liberties taken just like in Bay's idea of transformers.

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I think an animated version of this game would make for an excellent Batman cartoon.
I feel what really makes this game work is that both Joker and "the asylum" are great characters in the game and add to the overall experience I often felt while watching TAS as a kid.

26th Aug 2009, 13:47
No, they didn't :P But it's the best Batman made in a comic world. I like a realistic batman a lot more, but this is not less enjoyable.

26th Aug 2009, 14:55
I agree with Tom up there.Rocksteady have drawn directly upon the comic for Arkham Asylum's development whereas I believe Nolan was refering to the comics as footnotes but his intent was showing how Batman could theoretically exist in our everyday world & that not all heroes have to exist in some hyper-realised universe,I hope that makes some sort of sense,I knew what I meant to say,If not,just read back tombombadils.

26th Aug 2009, 14:59
There is a difference. Arkham Asylum is basically the comic book universe, while Nolan was going for a more realistic version.

Something that could happen in this world.

26th Aug 2009, 15:37
kk a 11-12 houur game to a 2 and a half hour movie... and they are completly different to each other

Matches Malone
26th Aug 2009, 15:43
Either way I think Rocksteady deserves the credit more than Eidos IMO

26th Aug 2009, 16:48
Either way I think Rocksteady deserves the credit more than Eidos IMO

Agreed. People need to realize who actually made the game.

26th Aug 2009, 16:51
Yeah, we don't want to give any credit to Square Enix even though they are in the picture now too.