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26th Aug 2009, 04:55
1. Hello And welcome to my Thread! In the thread, Use common sense. These are my OPINIONS on what the game should be like and mine only. No saying "This part sucks" If you don't like something you should post: The OPINION, The problem and how you think you should best it. This is strictly knowledge I have gained through Movies, Trailers, Comments and Reviews. Otherwise Enjoy!

2. Table of Contents-
2.Table of Contents
4.Npc Interaction
8-beyond.Other OPINIONS.

3. The interface in Just Cause 1 was basic. Pretty much the only thing you used in it was the map, Pickup and vehicle drop.

First I will go on about the map. The map in just cause one showed you were to go, but it had absolutely no help beyond it. Other then way points like safe houses and such, getting somewhere was pretty difficult. You pretty much had to point in one direction and hope for the best. SOLUTION! make it possible to place way points at the very least. To Make it the most helpful, add a direction system such as the one in Red Faction: Guerrilla, with arrows on the ground leading you to your destination.

Vehicle drops In just cause 1, were in my mind, an art. The coming in a box added suspense, and protected the vehicle in side, With the exception the Boat, which simply dropped directly in front of you, no box required. They were perfect in every way, the interface was easy to use and drops were quick and unlimited. A limit Would in my mind be unfun, because most of the fun in Just Cause 1 is that the things the happen in it would never happen in real life. KEEP IT THE SAME!

Those are two options the interface offers, what about the others? Pickup was a handy tool because it can take several minutes to get from one side of the world to the other, in the Fastest jet. The safehouses you could be delivered to where in fun and exciting places. Most games put travel points, if any, in an unappealing place, such as the bottom of a mountain. Just cause lets you soar to the top of any mountain or molehill.

In other Threads, I have read about changing parachutes, clothing and other things. Thats where a new option in the interface comes in handy: The wardrobe. The wardrobe would consist of 5 options: Parachutes, Shirts, Pants, Shoes and Extra content. Parachutes would only change the colors of the top of your parachute, and they would be found, as with everything else, In geocaches, by unlocking missions, downloading Downloadable content, or killing Secret people. maybe you found a yeti in the mountains, or you found Bigfoot in the forest near the village. Shirts could be anything from "i went to (name of island) and all i got was this t-shirt to heavy military amour with the whole machine gun ammo over shoulder thing. Same styles apply for pants. Extra content could vary. maybe Rico wants to fight bad guys with his spartan helmet on, or fend of enemy's using a railroad engine. all of these would be downloadable, or unlocked after beating the game. these armours and such would have no effect on how much damage you can deal or take, they are simply for looks. (by the way, for info on geocaches, check here- http://www.geocaching.com/ )

Got any more Suggestions? Feel free to add!

4. Npc interaction. In Just Cause 1, NPCs ran away in fear as you crashed you jumbo jet into the small town, recreating 9-11 in your nasty little mind (sorry if I offended anyone :hmm:) In just cause 2, I would love to see the same. Make them react when your pull out your Giant rocket launcher out of your back pocket, and the same when you act aggressively towards something. to activate mission, you would go with mabye 30 feet of someone, and they would start calling, "psst, come over here, we have to talk." or if one npc was talking to another chatting like "did you hear (insert name here) finished (this race) in (x amount of time, or something to fit.) To activiate a mission, simply walk within 3 feet and press A, or X for PS3. Another thing I would love to see is (epic scenario voice) You in the the jungle, when you finally find an opening! your saved! its a village. you enter the village to find out that the towns people are fighting with another village, because of the side their on. basicdly, for the factions that are in the game, if two villages of opposing factions are close by, i want to see one side go in and stage a attack on another village. you would never know what to expect. fighting and brutality, or peace and quiet.

5. The environment in the videos is absolutely Fantastic. one of my greatest memory's from Just Cause 1 was sailing hundreds of feet above San Esperito with my parachute, looking at all the windy roads and small villages, shooting my pistols for the fun of it. I can now imagine soaring on the tops of mountains, shooting under the lift, only for 15 minutes later landing in a small village battling away other villages in a small conflict. The mountain feels like a mountain, and a desert plain feel like a desert plain. in some cases, its almost a unique feature, like your living in the game. The Environments I see are Water, Air, Desert, Snow, Mountain, Jungle, Forest. At leasts that what I expect.

6. Campaign in Just cause 1 was not fantastic by standards of game critics, but i enjoyed the missions. Storyline was not well explained, could use some touching up. maybe some history's? the missions were all different and well explained. hijack this, go there and blow up that. Thats good mission play right their, not meet up at this way point, use this weapon and these vehicle's to blow up that structure like this. Asides from campaign, I could not get enough side missions in Just Cause 1. I liberated every province and got both factions happy with me. if was thrilled with the missions, even if there were only 2 types (lost my disk haven't played in a while, maybe theirs more kinds of missions?) of missions. mabye add more? 5-6 diffrint kind of side missions would be very adequate.

7. Buildings in just cause were indestructible hunks of concrete. I would like to be able to fell buildings, but i also hate the games where once a building is gone, its gone for good. if buildings are able to take damage in just cause 2, I would make them so if they fall, next time you load just cause, they would be right their, for your eager hands to destroy. I liked how in just cause 1 ladders were frequently used in the right places. I would do the same for just cause 2.

In the trailers, i see many tall buildings, many unique buildings and many odd buildings. This is BRILLIANT. In most games, its preset buildings just copied and pasted into random places to arrange them into a city. A change of scenery is just what i like to see. Discovering new places like that would be a thrill, too.

8. Other OPINIONS. The way cheats work in Red Faction: Guerrilla is that you unlock them. Cheats, once enabled, disable achievements and saving. I would also like to see the same in just cause two. Cheats would work like this. Once beating the game, you would could either start a new game, or a game that you could use cheats and save. This will be a brief ending, and i will add more if response is good. Thanks for Reading everybody!

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They've come a long way with Just Cause 2 now, and I think they've probably already decided on what features they will include and how the game will play, but its good to hear your input anyway.

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Well, to be honest, its better to be prepared :P

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Hmm.. Some interesting points. JC2 will pwn JC1, I'm sure.

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