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24th Aug 2009, 22:35
I am Going to to Stop COming to The Fourms :(. But I might Comeback after I beat the Game but Those who arn't Goodbye I had a Nice TIme with all of you :wave:

Still Wanna Play, My Xbox live gamertag is: JawsFanJesse (Feel Free to Add me)

I am Gonna Be Praticeing on the Demo, MABEY go to the Midnight Realase, Then Keep on listeing to this Song

Farewell, I will Miss you all Bye

door noob
24th Aug 2009, 22:37
I bet you after a couple of days these pages will be filled with thread, praising the game, and all multiple threads. :eek: Of by the way I hope you're going to com back :p :wave:

Killer Croc3
24th Aug 2009, 22:37
ill add you!:)

my gamertag is Ferretboy3 (dont ask me how i got it, my brothers the one that entered it)

Clown Prince Of Crime
24th Aug 2009, 22:38
Come Back Soon :wave:

24th Aug 2009, 22:39
NOoooooo, i will come to California and get you....."I must prepare for my journey..lets see.. grenades, a bag full of Cherios!" - Stewie Griffin

Seriously ill see you on xbox live man :D

24th Aug 2009, 22:41
It's been cool waiting for the game with you JFJ

24th Aug 2009, 22:47
Anyway, I'm sure a lot of folks will be buried in the game. So we're all (or most of us will be ?) in the same boat as you. :)

24th Aug 2009, 22:50
Edit: How do I post a video??

24th Aug 2009, 22:54
I'll come on here every once in awhile while I'm playing the game.

24th Aug 2009, 22:58
You're a good guy, JawsFanJesse. Hope to see you back on here soon.

the scarecrow
24th Aug 2009, 23:05
You're a good guy, JawsFanJesse. Hope to see you back on here soon. agreed

24th Aug 2009, 23:16

...or if you prefer


24th Aug 2009, 23:29
See ya around dawg..

25th Aug 2009, 02:59
You will be missed. You have the Captains approval for being a forum legend.



Edit: How do I post a video??
Check the OP of the video thread. Ive shown a tutorial of how to embed youtube videos. I know im lazy posting it.

25th Aug 2009, 03:03
I'll probably go protest outside Edios HQ:

NoMoarDedCawpz: I want my Killer Moth! I want my Killer Moth! I want my Killer Moth!
Edios Worker: Hey guys! they are playing the Killer Moth song


25th Aug 2009, 03:11
Farewell Jesse! :(

This is just the beginning. More and more good people are going to be leaving from here on out.