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23rd Aug 2009, 09:41
Your game is great...but :


Why not allowing to "invert" both X and Y for the camera ?

And why do you call it "inverted" ?
Normal camera control is RATCHET AND CLANK CAMERA CONTROL.
You MOVE THE CAMERA with the right stick : the camera moves on an imaginary sphere around the character : UP : camera moves up the sphere, DOWN, down, left, left, and right ? right !

And if moving a crosshair or something is needed, then UP moves the crosshair up the screen, DOWN moves the crosshaire down...and so on !

Anyway : I still cannot understand that today some gamemakers choose what is inverted and what is not for player !
Let the player decide !

If I can have the "logical" controls, I will buy the game, otherwise no.

Thank you !

25th Aug 2009, 05:31
You won't have that option and less then 10 days the game will be out. For sure, now they are publishing it, on a disc. So, get the game and stop complaining. Its great game.

20th Sep 2009, 18:16
I will not complain anymore, because I won't buy the game !

Bad camera control just makes the "greatest" game just unplayable. Period.

(Even my 5 y.o. daughter has problem with the camera !!!!)

12th Oct 2009, 21:32
Every recent game has horinzontal and vertical camera inversion option.

Does the final version of MN have it ?

24th Oct 2009, 21:48
I bought this game for my kids, I've tried to play it but the camera control issue is SO BAD that I cannot bear to play it anymore. Repeat plays on MGS4 forever rather than put up with what would have been a ludicrously easy thing for the developers to add.

"Eidos" is now a warning sign for me that I may find the game unplayable for the most trivial of reasons. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

Actually, I expect a patch in short order. If Eidos don't fix this then they don't care about me as a gamer.

ETA: seriously, I registered here solely to express my frustration with this issue. And seriously, this will make me think twice about Eidos games.

24th Oct 2009, 21:55
Yeah, the camera viewing is retar... Oh, sorry, it's very... Disfunctional. :( It sucks big time, thou i love the game anyway. ;D

13th Dec 2009, 03:33
sometimes, I have trouble with the camera, too. But probably not as bad as you, psion and gdad. But I'm playing on the DS, so it's different

18th Apr 2010, 10:11
Shame. I just tried the demo for the ps3 and it seems like a nice little game. However this camera issue is so bad I won't buy the game because of it. Why give the option to invert the vertical camera control and not the horizontal? That's just terrible game design. I can't stand not controlling the camera in the good old fashioned way.

19th Dec 2011, 10:44
The organizer really consists of two wands, which the user holds in their hands, while the PS3 camera tracks the movement and translates it into on-screen movement. The setup seems to be an evolution of the Sony waggle controller patent that surface last October. In conjuction with the camera, the motion controllers can be replaced with other items, such as guns, displaying the player on the screen holding all sorts of items.

7th Jan 2012, 23:14
I just registered to voice my frustration with the camera in this game. I LOVE the game, but it is ruined for me by the worst camera programming I have ever seen in over 30 years playing games.

How this got past play testing is beyond me.

I nearly gave up on this game early on with that awful downhill snow level - could not complete it (hundreds of attempts) until I looked online and found a suggestion to turn off the gamepad motion controls....Once I did that, I completed the level in one go. I could not believe it.

I am on what I believe to be the final level - the burning castle. The actual challenge or 'game' seems to be fighting the stupid automatic camera with the right joystick. I'd really rather fight the samurai. After about 100 falls whilst climbing up the castle, I finally get to one of the top levels with lots of smoke particle effects + fog. Now the 'game' is fighting the camera by pushing the it back down out of the fog instead of fighting the samurai.....GRAAAHHHHH!!!

My 4yo boy who has been playing this with me now knows a lot of swear words.....