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22nd Aug 2009, 01:41
Hate it when you finish the level and only get a few stamps? WELL NO MORE, this guide will help you get all those pretty little stamps you want.....if you really like stamps. Guide is still a work in progress. Updates will arrive shorty. Note: Hints moved to the bottom.

Village of the Brown Bear

Jiza Statues

Head down the path and enter the first building on your left.


The big jar at the center of the village, where all the paths intersect, contains coins.


A Blue Petal can be found on the left of the path at the beginning of the demo, in some grass.
An Oyster Mushroom can be found on a tree along the path at the beggining of the demo.
A Tiger Lily can be found by the fruit trees with a bee hive.
A Ginseng Root can be in a small patch of grass by the intersection.
Another Oyster Mushroom can be found on the first support beem, on the right side, of the burning bridge.

Caged Animals

Across the bridge there will be three caged animals. A chicken, a racoon, and a fox.

Useful Items

A smoke bomb is hidden in a jar under the building with the Jizo Statue.
The jar across from the Jizo statue contains The Flask of Strong Ginseng.
A Healing Potion can be found inside a jar by the burning house, on the side closets to the Tiger Lily.
Another Healing Potion can be found in the barrel thingy by the caged animals.
Honeycombs can be obtained by shakeing the tree with the bee hive.

Jadestone Forest

Jiza Statues

The Jiza statue can be found on the left side of the path, by a bunny.


The first batch of coins can be found in a barrel. on right side of the path, at the beggining of the forest.
The other batch of coins can be found at the end of the path, on the left side,by the berries.


A Tiger Lily can be found by taking control of the bunny and following the right side of the path. Blue smoke will emit from it.


The bees will attack you after you disturb their nest. Jumping in water is the best way to escape.
Use animals to help you spot herbs and Jizo statues.
Shaking bushes that have berries and fruit trees causes them to drop fruit, that heals you after consumption.

23rd Aug 2009, 15:41
Cool thread. I'm sticky'ing this one!

23rd Aug 2009, 20:04
Jadestone forest coming later today. Thanks for stickying this Nick :D

23rd Aug 2009, 21:06
Added the Jadestone forest. Not a big update, I know.

24th Aug 2009, 15:24
An interesting point to put:
When you're transfering from the Village to the Forest, your character is transformed back to Hiro, reguardless what other character ur using

25th Aug 2009, 17:06
Excellent thread. Thanks! :)

27th Aug 2009, 00:54
I played though the demo again last night and when I got up to the boss at the end I started taunting and baiting him without having killed any of the little samurai yet - he took a big swing at me with his club which I dodged, but the little red samurai wasn't so lucky! The club sent him flying! :D

27th Aug 2009, 17:58
Ok, here's a question. Up the hill there was a sanctuary where you could be some stuff from an old Tengu-bird. Any other uses for the sanctuary??

29th Aug 2009, 19:48
I'm not so sure, I just know that you can buy stuff and theres a lot of herbs, oh I'm working on the whole last bit.

29th Aug 2009, 23:33
There's also a Jiza statue behind the sanctuary on the left. And caltrops (iirc) in the pot on the right.

John Hill
24th Oct 2010, 20:56
Please help! How do I use my kuji spells for ghosts?