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21st Aug 2009, 18:36
Don't ask me how but I ended up reading the rules post and I laughed when I found this:

Rule #6: Treat members and their opinions with respect.

Example of a Bad comment:

"This is a warning to all. Repent and believe in Mooberry the Cow God, lest you drown in milk for all eternity!"

Don't missunderstand me, I laughed because of the likeness between this funny example and some jokes we have done (I do the most:D) about the grappling hook as if it had a religion.:rasp:
And remember these are jokes with no offense intention.:)
Peace and love and don't forget to praise the Almighty Dual Hook! :worship:;)

21st Aug 2009, 23:24
lol, I noticed that too. and then I went and screamed it out on a cod 5 match

15th Jan 2010, 18:08
hmmm... thats a bit wierd, not really offensive.