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21st Aug 2009, 02:58
Greetings.... and no, this isn't about whether TRU will have trophies or not... A few others have had this same issue regarding the achievement Trophies for TRU (PS3 version) not registering when they have clearly been achieved... My recent example is that now I have completed the game, I have some absurd trophies collected, such as the Master Treasure Hunter trophie(all 175+/-) being recognized, yet the 10, 50, and 100 treasures collected trophies are not.

So... any way for the game to do a reality check & refresh its data? If the solution is still to delete my game data and start again (:mad2:) then i would feel compelled to throw some proverbial rocks in a certain game developer's direction......

Eh; frustrated humor aside, back to the point: any fix for this yet? patch? update? anything? :flowers:

OH and one more thing: Where's the next Legacy of Kain game anyways?

EDIT: well I can't say how this thread ended up in the TR1-6 tech forums... Thought i was in the TRU tech forum. May as well ignore/delete this one, since I don't seem to have the power to delete this entire thread.

30th Aug 2009, 20:01
I have the exact same problem with my trophies and i'm looking for help to.....
example:i have just completed southern mexico expedition and i got a trophy for it but i havn't got any of the other story trophies before it

31st Aug 2009, 12:31
I understand were you are coming from and it seems to be a slight problem with the trophies themselves. I say this because it happened to me with the uncharted trophies, I'd get some and not others. Saying that I think Naughty Dog released a patch to show what good developers they are. If that's the case I wouldn't count on Crystal Dynamics releasing another patch for Playstation.

Out of curiosity, do you have a save before the end of a level? If so you tried loading it then completing said level again, do you get the trophy then?

I am sorry if that made no sense what so ever!

4th Sep 2009, 12:10
are you continueing a previous save from before the trophies patch if so that is why you havent got the first lot of expedition trophies

hope this helps