View Full Version : Sky Anomalie

19th Aug 2009, 18:03
Ok so I got Just Cause only resently and because of it reputation I was really happy that it worked but when playing I got really anoyed by these weird glitches in the sky like when I drive around with a car [although it happens all the time not just in a car] and I drive along this highway and in the sky you see these sort of flickering shadows of the lanters and bridges and even sometimes a big tower or something really weird and hard to describe .. I was hopeing this is a common glitch but when googleing couldnt find anything bout it so I turned to these forums Please Help?!

I am also not much of a techie but I can tell this:
I got a Nvidia Geforce Go 7300 and I think an 2.0 or 2.1 shader card and I use windows xp if that helps..

Owh and Ive seen screenshots of those shadows at the 8800 graphics card but they arent half as anoying as my glitch infact if I could switch my glitch for the shadow glitch I would lol .. but I cant switch of graphics card/dont want to lol. .... and last I cant make any screenshots off my problem because they are really flickery :hmm: :(