View Full Version : Who is your favourite ninja. Ver. 2.0

19th Aug 2009, 09:13
Let's choose favourite Ninja!

19th Aug 2009, 10:00
Well I don't know .... Do you have a Kunoichi character vignette for us? :naughty:

19th Aug 2009, 10:24
You can go to the minininjas.com -> Goodies section and try to find Kunoichi ScreenSaver.

19th Aug 2009, 13:00
Despite that i know the characters a little more, still can't tell yet... :( Between Shun, Hiro and Tora would be my choice

21st Aug 2009, 03:59
Well I've now played the demo so I've cast my vote for Hiro. He's just the quintessential ninja and feel like the character with the most depth because of his kuji magic ability. Plus there's that adorable run animation. :D

It's too early to tell of course but I reckon I'll be using Shun for long range sniper attacks, Hiro for hand-to-hand fighting and the rest for the character specific parts of the game. I tried killing the giant dude at the end of the demo with Hiro and it was quite tedious since you can only hurt him with jumping attacks and some magic - best to do it the way the designer planned it, lol.

22nd Aug 2009, 01:45
I like tigers. So Tora FTW

22nd Aug 2009, 05:35
Futo. Still reminds me of the fat dude from Mystical Ninja: The legend of Goemon. Now that would be cool DLC. Having all 4 of the ninjas playable...yeah. Just a though. The license and title can't be too expensive.

Damage Inc.
22nd Aug 2009, 17:28
I only played it once in total, as I just installed it last night.
But the main Ninja, Hiro, and the sort of female version, Suzume, really appealed to me.
I guess I just like their classic Ninja-styles, but it's great to see multiple characters.

fatal shadow
31st Aug 2009, 11:01
I've always wanted to play as a ninja that wields tekko-kagi, so I'm looking forward to using Tora.

But 'til then, it's Hiro.

20th Oct 2009, 09:00

22nd Oct 2009, 01:10
SHUN! :worship:

26th Oct 2009, 15:18
I just played it yesterday. And i choose Suzume as my character. She's so beautiful. I really get attracted with her physical appearance. I just hope that she is powerful, stronger and that i made the right choice choosing her as the character. Cross your fingers!

14th Nov 2009, 05:04

I am jack.I am new to this site,but I’ve enjoyed posting in your forums.I like Shun the best, I think. His dialogue outbursts are excellent, and he's challenging to use but surprisingly effective in combat. Plus, striking from hiding at a distance is fundamentally Ninja. I even relish his unstable energy move, because it clears out an entire area of enemies instantly, with the satisfaction of celebratory fireworks.

Thank you very much and Stay connected with me.

14th Nov 2009, 10:53
Welcome Jack :)

Hm, yeah, Shun is good, but one thing i don't like in him - he's ineffective in close combat. :( But as for stealth killing - the best :)

14th Nov 2009, 18:40
I know I said I couldn't decide, but after playing it twice I decided on Shun - He's the one who acts most like a ninja! But you gotta love 'em all xD

16th Nov 2009, 13:23
did we have any dough

5th Mar 2010, 01:06
I am going with Shun. I like his combat style.

16th Mar 2010, 07:14
i like Tiger very much

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