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18th Aug 2009, 17:29
Hi there, I don't post on a lot of forums but I finally finished my Joker custom and felt like this is the right place to put him :D


I guess you have it figured out by now that besides waiting for Batman AA I like to make custom action figures and stuff like that :D

If you like them you should totally check out my website
and dtart page http://somethinggerman.deviantart.com/ where I uploaded all my pictures of this and other customs.

The Comedian
18th Aug 2009, 17:31
wow, nice work.

18th Aug 2009, 17:32
Wow. That's incredible. Well done.

18th Aug 2009, 17:34
wow, hope you make others.

maybe even sell a few

18th Aug 2009, 17:36
Awesome job man, that is very impressive. You have quite the collection too lol!

18th Aug 2009, 17:38
Wow very nice! I like the cole one also

(Cole is from inFAMOUS)

18th Aug 2009, 17:47
Another Sideshow forum member,nice work.

18th Aug 2009, 17:51
Wow. That's incredible. Well done.

18th Aug 2009, 18:00
WOW!! The Joker figure along with Cole Mcgrath. Just Nice

Abandoned Nightmare
18th Aug 2009, 18:44
Very Nice How Much?!!!!!! ( Borat Refrence)

18th Aug 2009, 18:46
Wow, that's very cool, nice work dude.

18th Aug 2009, 19:34
His hair and jaw are alittle weird, but other than that, nice work! ;)

Riddling Artist
18th Aug 2009, 23:47
hey... ive seen that cole figure before... arent you on the inFAMOUS forums?

19th Aug 2009, 10:16
Yes I am :D, but I used the VincentShaw account since 2007 here.

19th Aug 2009, 10:26
Your on the Sideshow Freaks forum too,aren't you?

Larcenous Laugh
19th Aug 2009, 11:22
dude classy work. Love the detail in the suit. Joker looks great and sweet looking Cole as well.

19th Aug 2009, 13:04
Your on the Sideshow Freaks forum too,aren't you?
Guilty as charged :nut::lmao:

19th Aug 2009, 14:17
a little rough around the edges, but pretty impressive!

What was the lower half base body? its perfect. Im working on an Arkham Asylum Batman currently Myself, and plan to do the whole cast later on

Leather Wings
19th Aug 2009, 14:24
You nailed it, right down to the rips in his suit jacket. NICE job!

What'd you use as a base figure? Did you use super sculpy? I'm intrigued!

1st Jan 2010, 19:17
Hm, maybe a little late, but whatever, to answer both questions:

The entire body was a Sota Street Fighter 3 Remy figure and I uses Tamiya Epoxy Putty (quick type) on him.