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I'm Professional
17th Aug 2009, 22:18
Now out of all the live action films of the Tim Burton/ Joel Shmauar (bat-tits) I consider Batman the only one worthy to put on the shelf, so to speak, I didn't care for returns because it was creepy and twisted, Batman is not those things, he is dark. So do you think Batman '89 is worthy why or why not, or does another film of this era deserve to be?:scratch:

17th Aug 2009, 22:23
Well each for their own as they say. :) While i enjoy it as a comic book movie, i just hate how Tim Burton got pushed around and hence: the script got rewritten multiple times. Here's what i think about the movie:

- Batman kills.
- Alfred nearly sacrifises the mission by telling Vicki Vale who Batman is and showing the Batcave
- Joker being the Wayne family murderor
- Gotham city cheering up Batman as a hero while he's a murderor.
- Gotham citizens believe Joker will giveaway million(s) of dollars after trying to murder the whole city.

Now arguebly the theme Tim Burton showed was very very 1930s by theme, which was back when Batman had purple gloves, used the same gun that killed his parents and whatnot whatnot. :p The movie has great music, great acting, the batmobile and the batwing were great. The last scenes were great with Batman vs. Joker until Batman ended up killing Joker.... :p

So is it a horrible Batman movie? Not if you ask me, but some of the comic loyalties could have been handled better, but then again Tim Burton was just pushed around back then. :( But yeah i enjoy watching the 89 film every now and then. :)

I'm Professional
17th Aug 2009, 22:28
yeah i agree maybe mask of the phantasm will get the spot then...:p

17th Aug 2009, 22:39
yeah i agree maybe mask of the phantasm will get the spot then...:p

Mask of the Phantasm is my favorite Batman film of all time, yet I really enjoyed Batman 89. Michael Keaton was and will always be the definitive live action Batman. I would call it worthy, even though I preferred MOTP.

17th Aug 2009, 22:45
I'm ashamed. I still haven't seen Mask of The Phantasm. Saw it on DVD today, too but still didn't pick it up. Will have to correct that error.

17th Aug 2009, 22:47
Batman was awesome. It alot of the marks of "cool" for the character. Aestically, it was great too.