View Full Version : *New @ Bamania Reviews! (08.17.09)*

17th Aug 2009, 19:21
Well we are gearing up for the release of Batman:AA next week. Can you believe it? Just seven days separates us from some delicious Batman goodness... In any case, we at Batmania Reviews (http://batmaniareviews.blogspot.com/) pass the time (and avoid the forums due to spoilers) by slowly, but surely updating the blog! We have some new updates including:

-Blackest Night and Batman #689 Reviews

-Graphic Novel Mondays

-Treacherous Tuesdays

-And so much more ...

MUCH more than we can handle actually, so we formally announce an OPENING at Batmania Reviews! Do you read (or plan on reading) any of the following comics: Detective Comics, Red Robin and the upcoming Batgirl? Do you like to express your opinion about things? Are you not bothered if no one even reads said opinions? If so you may be perfect for the job! Drop me a PM if you are interested, in helping out once in awhile with these books...