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17th Aug 2009, 15:18
Anyone's thoughts on this movie? I thought the Joker killed Tim Drake as far as the main storyline goes. The movie is way different. It be great if someone could clear this up. Also please be gentle, I don't want an online fight. I'm just using this great time to ask a simple question.:lol:

17th Aug 2009, 15:22
Comic cannon Joker killed Jason Todd aka Robin, the BB movie is set from an alternate or future lineage seperate from the comic

17th Aug 2009, 15:25
Yeah what the chap said above. The DC animated cartoons and movies are set in their own timeline/universe.

Great movie though especially the uncut version.

17th Aug 2009, 17:23
Hi Guys & Gals

I watched the movie when it was on Cartoon Network a few years ago it was awesome.

But when it came out on DVD in a America I bought a Region 1 copy and it happened to be the Director's Cut version which is even better in terms of having the darker scenes added than the Cartoon Network version I love it.

I loved the Batman Beyond series. Good thread guys now thanks for reminding me I'm going to watch it now you all got me going.....(lol)

Ps. The only thing I never understood is why us in the UK the name was changed i.e. Batman Beyond in the US but for us UK fans it was Batman of the Future why the hell did they change it for us Batman Beyond is so much cooler.......

17th Aug 2009, 18:02
I remember bringing into a school for the last day before summer as were other people and it was a 12 and I was about 8 so I was frustrated as we couldn't watch it. :( I once brought in a 12 and I was 12 and we weren't allowed because other people weren't 12 even though most were. :( :(

17th Aug 2009, 18:12
I think what Joker did to Tim in BB was pretty much up to par with killing him. In some ways worse. I watched that movie when I was young and the thought didn't actually register until I watched it again when I was older. Joker tortured Tim Drake for a month.

17th Aug 2009, 18:49
The uncut version is worth the price of admission.

The scene where the Joker tells Batman about everything Tim told him after being tortured...was an awesome scene.

17th Aug 2009, 19:01
Theats what is so great about the joker.

The fact he thinks it is all one big funny joke shows how dark and twisted he is

17th Aug 2009, 19:03
I thought it was AMAZING!

17th Aug 2009, 19:15
Theats what is so great about the joker.

The fact he thinks it is all one big funny joke shows how dark and twisted he is

You just say that cause you love him, right harley?

17th Aug 2009, 20:04
the un-cut version of the Joker's "Home Movies" scene gave me chills up & down me spine, because i had no idea they were allowed to show Joker doing that kind of stuff to a 13yr old kid.