View Full Version : Vampire Starting Location

17th Aug 2009, 10:59
What should be starting location for vampires in the MMO??

17th Aug 2009, 16:23
The Pillars in my honest opinion. :P

18th Aug 2009, 03:40
Vorador's mansion makes the most sense if you're a vampire.

Ardeth Silvereni
19th Aug 2009, 08:17
Depends on the time period. If it's post-BO1, then Vorador's Mansion is a mess, and not necessarily a secure place any more. However, I guess a small part of it could have been fortified to make it a decent enough stronghold again in the short term.

If Vorador is the sire, I would probably vote for Vorador's Mansion, but it could really be anywhere that can be protected from humans, and where they are unlikely to be discovered. Parts of the Cemetery, a place in a desolate town (e.g. Coorhagen) etc. There are lots of options. I would avoid the Pillars though. It's too open and there's far too much human activity there.

19th Aug 2009, 11:53
The Termogent Forest could be a good choice as well, considering that there was intended to be a village of treetop-dwelling vampires there in SR2.

19th Aug 2009, 19:40
Well the game is after Blood Omen and before Blood Omen 2 and in Blood Omen 2 is said that the pillars was the location from which Kain launched his assault on the southern Nosgoth. Though the MMO could be set before Kain got the Pillars captured...

19th Aug 2009, 21:13
Launching an assault and raising an army can happen in two different locations. I would say the Termogent Forrest would be the best spot for raising the army. Its close to Voradors mansions which means Vorador is close to whatever secrets he may have had stashed and possibly his home if it was made of stone. Or at least surviving remnants of it. It is also secluded. The pillars had a few roads/paths leading to them.
And for the Serafan they were self righteous and once the initial threat had been defeated I would think they would have had no reason to guard the mansion. Purge it with fire and be done with it. Not to mention whatever amount of time may have passed between the resurection of Vorador and the time the game begins.

dumah's wraith
21st Aug 2009, 21:32
Only problem is, the swamp is full of water, so it'd be a problematic staging point for fragile fledglings. Still probably the best option though.

22nd Aug 2009, 16:30
True. But it also makes for a strong learning ground for fledglings. Learn your weaknesses right off or be consumed by them.

Guardian of Spirit
31st Aug 2009, 16:15
Guess the swamp is the best place... though Vorador's mansion could be good too...

4th Nov 2009, 05:40
I think that the Cemetary would be a great place as one would imagine that this is where your player character's body was laid to rest and thus is where you rise as a vampire after your soul is stolen from Purgatory and is used to animate you as one of Kain's army.