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12th Aug 2009, 22:14
where is this upper room that i need to break into at the stonemarket so i can stop time?:confused:

13th Aug 2009, 00:43
You need the climbing gloves. Then you need to go to the courtyard where the two hammerites were arguing earlier. Then climb the wall to the pipe grate with the glowing GLYPH on it.

If this doesn't help come back

13th Aug 2009, 02:07
well Iam at the door of the clock tower and I went into some ones room that was acoss from the tower now I been where the gylph is no I don't have climbing gloves. what do I do now. Iam in the stonnemarket poper.

13th Aug 2009, 02:41
You need to go to Docks and buy the gloves, then come back.

13th Aug 2009, 07:15
You don't use the door. But like jtr said, go to the dock weapons shop. Buy the gloves then come back.

From the door to the watch tower you need to come back down the street and go into the alley and then take a left into the courtyard where there are some pipes up over your head and two grates in the wall at the far end. One has a Moss arrow crystal in it and the one on the far left over the pipe is your way into the Clocktower.

13th Aug 2009, 18:07
ok I got the gloves but how do I get them on there in my items there not in the holes where I can get them.

13th Aug 2009, 20:06
Walk up to a wall. JUMP at the wall like you were MANTLING up a ledge. The gloves automatically start to work. You never see them.

A good place to try them out is in the dock area. When you leave the weapons shop and return up the stairs, there is a window on your left with a green crystal in it.

Walk up to that wall, jump and hold the W key. You will climb the wall.

You can go up/down/left/right by using the W/X/A/D keys.

You need to try climbing at different places. Unfortunately the designers got careless. You can climb a wall in one place, and the same kind of wall in another won't let you climb. You will need the just try it when you think you want to climb. If, after two or three tries you can't, then that wall is not climbable.

Do practice in the dock area. The walls there by the weapons shop stairs and the one by the alley down to the pawn shop, where the wooden balcony is on your right as you go down to the pawn shop, as well as the walls near the pawn shop, can be climbed.

So give it a try.

Good luck.

28th Aug 2009, 10:32
well Idid the clock tower and all now I need to go back to the keepers library lord just tell me what park its in I toaltyl forgot is it in southpark plaza?