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11th Aug 2009, 18:41
Hi guys,

Huge Batman super-fan here. I've been playing the demo since Friday (I think I've played it 40 times at a guess) and I just can't put it down. By yesterday I thought I'd played the heck out of it and discovered everything there was to discover until, lo and behold, I noticed a few neat little tricks - sorry if I'm late to the party and you guys found this stuff out on Friday or something but I've searched most threads and no-one seems to have mentioned any of it:

1) When in combat mode and surrounded by goons and that "spider sense" flashes up, instead of pressing the 'Counter' button, press the 'Jump' button TWICE quickly which makes Batman jump over the oncoming goon's head and then he either takes another goon down OR as Batman is flying through the air, Batman hits the guy who rushed him. In some cases, after landing on the other side of the (confused) goon, he leg sweeps him!

2) Has anyone tried a LEDGE takedown? I discovered this today. It's amazing isn't it? Batman grabs onto a walkway by his fingertips (he can't be seen on the other side because of the metal fence-type thing between him and the goon) and when a thug walks past, press 'Y' and Batman grabs the thug's head and smashes it into the metal fence, throws him over the fence onto the floor and leaps back up onto the walkway!

I find that to make this extra cool, find a really high place in the room, run and jump into the air and glide (NOT glide kick, just free glide) and aim for the metal fence rather than a walkway. Let go of the 'Jump/Glide' button just as you're about to hit the metal fence and Batman will automatically grab it with his fingertips and will hang there, waiting for the unsuspecting victim!

3) More of a personal preference than a trick but I ripped 'The Dark Knight' soundtrack to my X360 hard drive and whenever I now play the demo, I have the track called 'I'm Not a Hero' playing instead of the game's official score (which is also really cool IMO) - I go into the final room with all those thugs being directed by the Joker with the aforementioned track playing, and I begin to take down each thug one-by-one. I defy anyone NOT to get goosebumps when doing this - I FELT like Batman - it was amazing!

This demo just keeps on giving! Can't wait for the full release.

Turn and Face the Strange
11th Aug 2009, 18:44
Yeah, the demo is amazing.

Never tried the combat-jump thing, I'll give it a go!

door noob
11th Aug 2009, 18:45
http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?p=1102831#post1102831 :) That's what this thread is for.