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11th Aug 2009, 10:23
I've been reading around the forums the past couple of days but haven't really found an answer to my question. I'd like to know what the gameplay style is for Batman, the demo felt very linear and is probably not representative of the whole game. Is there an element of free roaming or linear? Is the game all stealth based or will there be elements of Rambo style fighting, is it up to the player to choose their style of play? Will there be puzzle solving that actually challenges you or will they be very simple and not form part of the gameplay? Will we be able to drive the batmobile, I read somewhere that we will.

The drenched city looked great in the intro scene and then we're ushered inside, I'm really hoping there's plenty of outdoor action.


Ensanguined Walls
11th Aug 2009, 10:30
The devs confirmed that there will be no Batmobile driving sequences, as they would rather have the player explore the island in its entirety on foot. The Batmobile will feature in the game once or twice, but there will be no specific driving missions. The final game will not be linear, as the demo was a tutorial, but it won't be completely free-roaming, either. Think Metroid or BioShock.

In the final version of Arkham Asylum, there's an interactive opening that shows you leading the Joker into Intensive Treatment. It was not featured in the demo. However, to address your wider concern: exploring the outside of the Arkham grounds is possible.

We don't know about the difficulty of the puzzles, as we have not played the final game.

11th Aug 2009, 11:03
Thanks. Is there anything published by the develop about what we should expect in terms of gameplay?