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10th Aug 2009, 14:34
Okay, so by now we've all struck fear into the hearts of those pansy Joker goons. We've all done the inverted takedown (coolest move ever) and left the goon strung up by his toes while his buddies run to see what the screaming is about. We've all thrown a batarang at the rope he's strung up by causing him to faceplant into the ground beautifully.

My question is this,

Is it possible to throw the batarang at the rope and make the goon fall right as another goon is walking underneath, knocking out the one underneath with the body of the one strung up??
I think it'd be the coolest move ever and I was trying it all last night, I almost got it one time but never quite got it right.

10th Aug 2009, 14:39
I've done it a couple times. It's best when the body is tied up high and they don't see it. But Batarang throwing takes good timing.

10th Aug 2009, 14:40
Oh yes, I will help you brother, but only if you help me get Batmans cape stuck over his head.

10th Aug 2009, 14:42
its easy to do if you string all of them up then just have the one guy who is "terrified" because he is more likely to walk underneath one and if you miss, you still have more chances

10th Aug 2009, 14:46
There is a 360 Achievement that is close to what you are saying Called "Rope-A-Dope-A-Dope, Check them out if you want on the link below. :D


10th Aug 2009, 14:46
yh it think u can!! its gonna b very hard to do in the demo BUT in the actual game wen u do it, u eventually upgrade ur batarangs to Sonic Batarangs which can lure ur enemies round the room. Get them under the strung up guy and then thow yer batamarang!

I spose a shorter asnwer would be that its one of the achivements so it has to be possible really lol :lol:


8th one down on the list " Rope - A - Dope - Dope"

ah ha ah ha!


10th Aug 2009, 14:51
Niihihihiiiiiice, thanks for the info everyone. I will not sleep until I manage to do this.

10th Aug 2009, 14:54
I Find it easiest to go straight into the room and ignore the first guard, and grapple to the walkway on the left, there should be someone in the far left corner of the room.
Get on a gargoyle above this guy and grab him, When everyone comes over - one will stand under due to the confined space to stand, so throw the batarang and you got it :)