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10th Aug 2009, 09:24
Producer Adrian Askarieh is bringing the "Latin Jason Bourne" to Hollywood.

The very popular video game Just Cause has been optioned and is being developed by Adrian Askarieh (Hitman, Kane and Lynch, Hack/Slash).

Source: http://www.iesb.net/extensions/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7267:eidos-just-cause-headed-to-the-big-screen&catid=41:news&Itemid=71

The Scorpion is being prepped for his first mission at the megaplex.
Adrian Askarieh, who successfully paired up with Eidos Interactive to set up the actioners "Hitman" at Fox and "Kane and Lynch" at Lionsgate, has landed the rights to adapt the videogame publisher’s high-profile title "Just Cause" for the bigscreen.

Source: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118007076.html?categoryId=1079&cs=1

Eidos has had phenomenal success with movies based on its games (more so than any other video games publisher) and I cant wait.!!!! :cool:

10th Aug 2009, 13:51
Impressive, I'd have never said so. Now only hope they dont make another **** like most adaptations usually are today. (Edit: LOL, they censored my holy word with a ****!)

Apocalyptic Fish
11th Aug 2009, 08:31

11th Aug 2009, 08:50
How do they plan to do this? The game was only fun because of what it offered... the storyline was terrible, the characters were just stereotypes and the action was B-movie style.

The movie will either be nothing like the game, exactly like the game, or simply bad.

I think I'll stick to the games, thanks because they are the best part of this franchise. How do they plan to convey a free-roaming adventure with over 89 vehicles at your disposal in a movie?

11th Aug 2009, 19:33
Well, I liked the movie Hitman, so I'll probably like this too!

12th Aug 2009, 14:05
Mmm, I really don't care. I just loved the first game and hope to love even more the sequel. But the movie could be some serius James Bond-like thing

23rd Sep 2009, 11:55
I smell another typical Hollywood action movie. You have betrayed me for the last time! I will steal cars and sky dive a few times while blowing up every major corporations headquarters and killing as many people as I can in several creative ways. I shall be with multiple women before realizing my partner in this whole mission is the one I really love and am destined to be with. This is everything I'm willing to do to get my revenge, ...even though you live around the corner.

23rd Sep 2009, 19:21
NO no NO just no , i see another crappy far cry 2 film , the game was ok but then they made a film and well who heard of it ?
what would it be about some dude free falling or jumping off car roofs or grappling up building to save brothers ??

23rd Sep 2009, 19:55
Yeah the story line goes something like this...

24th Sep 2009, 05:38
Yeah the story line goes something like this...

Nice, haha.