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6th Aug 2009, 19:10
Well I've been writing on the MMO and we wanted to let the vampires start in a crypt, though I just realized that the vampires after Blood Omen and before Blood Omen 2 are perhaps made while the victim is alive and not through necromancy... so what do you think?

6th Aug 2009, 22:06
From Amy Hennig:

Q: How did Janos make Voradoor-like Kain made Raziel and his sons, or like
Mortanius made Kain? Was the way Kain made and the way Kain created his
brethren the same? Howd Voradoor make his children?
A: Without going into too much detail, there are various ways a vampire can be born/created.
The ancient/original Vampires (like Janos) had one method, by which Vorador was raised, and by which Vorador would also raise his vampire offspring. This would be a more "traditional" method, where the vampiric curse is passed from one vampire to a human.
Mortanius raised Kain by necromancy -- this gives Kain a unique vampiric heritage.
Because of this unique heritage, Kain's method of creating his vampire "sons" is also unique -- rather than using the traditional "blood" gift to create a vampire, Kain must donate a portion of his spirit. By breathing a portion of his soul into a corpse, that creature's soul is drawn back into the body and the creature is resurrected as a vampire. This is how Kain raised his six lieutenants in the Tomb of Sarafan.

Vampires not of Kain's lineage are NOT raised by Necromancy. A more traditional method is the way, seemingly by way of blood, infecting their bodies. Since Kain's lineage is raised they way they are, they are far stronger, as it's their souls that carry the curse, not their bodies (or not just their bodies). This is also why the staff does not affect Kain after Janos' heart is removed. The heart was infected with vampirism and not his heart anyway, but when it was inside of his chest, it was the one physical thing that was cursed inside of him that could be affected. Without it, the curse lies deeper in his soul and the body actually isn't affected by the staff. I believe this is the same reason why Raziel's Wratin Blade self is dissabled, but Wraith Raziel (still possessing the same vampiric soul), himself, is not.

So, anyway, as far as your poll is concerned: vampires before Kain and his lineage, I believe, were alive when infected and they were infected either by just a bite (or multiple bites) from the vampires siring them, or by way of a blood transfusion -- meaning, they drink the human's blood; the human then drinks theirs... I.e. a traditional method. The Ancients in their murals were alive when cursed as well, or it's not shown that they "died" first.

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Ardeth Silvereni
7th Aug 2009, 08:31
It's not 100% certain what is meant by "traditional method", as I don't think it's ever been stated in detail what that entails by Crystal Dynamics. I believe that there are many methods associated with vampire myths in different cultures. However, considering we are discussing a fairly recent video game, I think it's safe to assume that "traditional method" means 'what Dracula did'.

In Dracula, and many of the popular culture vampire stories that followed, it's a exchange of blood between vampire and victim that's required. As the victim needs to consume the vampire's blood, they must be alive (although in many stories they are near death). In most of the stuff I've read, the human then dies - or appears to - then wakes up after the tranformation from human to vampire is complete.

In the Legacy of Kain universe, I don't think we know for certain if the tranformation from human to vampire involves the human dying (or appearing to). We don't know how long the transformation takes. You could have vampires descended from Vorador waking in a crypt, put there because they looked properly dead during the transformation. It's a bit like Lucy in Dracula. However, that may not be practical for other reasons...

Bear in mind that people in Nosgoth know vampires exist. Depending on the era, you have very experienced vampire hunters, and I don't think they'd let many corpses get buried without some sort of check first. It might even be common practice to stake or behead corpses before burial, depending on how paranoid people were. Vorador said in BO2 that it took time and energy to make vampires, so I don't think he would risk leaving a fledgling unattended in such a way unless it was unavoidable. Unlike Dracula, he appears to have some concern for his offspring and their survival.

I suspect that - unless their sire was being completely careless - new vampires would awake in their sire's stronghold/hideout, e.g. Sanctuary in BO2.

7th Aug 2009, 10:46
Okay I think I got a basic idea. I think I will make people getting captured while they're asleep and then wake up in a crypt as a vampire. (he/she is taken there)

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