View Full Version : Hitman is a great game!!!!

5th Aug 2009, 12:30
Good job IO, another good game busted out by them :P, as there Arn't many other games out there like Hitman I put it high up on my list of favourite games, the main thing's about hitman are:

1. The vast amount of choices provided to the User of how they want to execute their victim :cool:

2. The way they designed it so that the bodies are like puppets once they're laying still on their backside dead :P, and so letting the player do what they wish with the body :).

3. The realistic NPC reactions to each action that you perform and also the sound effect's.

That pretty much sums it all up in a nutshell :D, Hope the fifth edition to the Hitman series will be just as good... :0

P.S. Fitsg


18th Aug 2009, 10:41
Same sentiments mate. Its one game I still play for the fun of it.

21st Aug 2009, 08:41
Good job Eidos another good game, there are very few games like hitman out there so you have done good thinking to create a game thats different from the others, the main things I love about hitman are: the possible way's people can die:cool:, letting you shoot people after their dead!:D and the excellent effect's:)

Anyone like the same things about hitman that I do and agree with me its a good game:confused:, well reply to this post and talk about it:D
hope the next 1 is as good

well that concludes my writing, thanks guys:)

agree. hope there gonna make a part 2(for x360) ;)

29th Aug 2009, 03:35
I enjoyed it a while ago I guess..

14th Sep 2009, 23:05
hitman is great man!! hitman 2 is my favoritest of all!!

really fly
9th Oct 2009, 09:56
The free environment the game provide attract me the most。

You can kill someone, or put him down by drug or simply walk behind him.

Each level has many different kinds of methods to play.


16th Nov 2009, 09:57
I've always loved the Hitman games. De er total fede man. Hoping for alot more to come!