View Full Version : Mark Hamil doing what he does best!

22nd Jul 2009, 21:17

22nd Jul 2009, 21:20
Funny how both have the same release date. :p

22nd Jul 2009, 21:21
lol i didn't even notice that.

22nd Jul 2009, 22:08
Hmmm ... I Think i will get batman

22nd Jul 2009, 22:16
Hmmm ... I Think i will get batman

yeah the game doesn't look that good but I only put the video up because you get to see Mark doing what he does best.:D

22nd Jul 2009, 22:20
Yeah, the graphics look kinda bad, and I dunno about the gameplay.

Still, Mark Hamill sounds wicked.

22nd Jul 2009, 22:26
that game got delayed anyway

22nd Jul 2009, 22:31
that game got delayed anyway

Ah just noticed myself. ^^ They probably didn't wanna competite with Batman.

22nd Jul 2009, 22:32
its not coming out till first of next year

23rd Jul 2009, 05:11
sounds like a demonic joker

23rd Jul 2009, 05:26
He STill Sounds Cool :D

23rd Jul 2009, 05:52
lol of course Marks still got it. He's been doing the Joker voice over 10 years.

When I watched the first 5 seconds I was thinking it was WoW related because the character model looks straight out of it.

23rd Jul 2009, 10:28
Story looks good, but graphics suck hard.

And like always Hamil did a great job :)

23rd Jul 2009, 10:29
How do the graphics suck hard? Am i the only person who likes cartoony comic graphics in this forum or what? =P

23rd Jul 2009, 11:04
I've been following Darksiders for about the same time as Arkham Asylum, maybea little longer and I can't wait it looks so awesome and the resaon they made the graphics like that is because they like Blizards style, so they used WoW as a referance. :D still I don't think it will be as good as Arkham Asylum :D But Mark Hamill is awesome in this!

23rd Jul 2009, 11:12
How do the graphics suck hard? Am i the only person who likes cartoony comic graphics in this forum or what? =P

I dunno, depends on the situation, with fantasy stuff I think cartoony graphics don't hurt it none, they can go for realism if they want, but such as with WoW they kept the same artistic style as they had in most of their previous games and its one of the most played games in the world, so cant be that bad :)

23rd Jul 2009, 14:13
I thought the graphics look good. But then again I'm a fan of Joe Mad's art...even though he's usually delayed. I think he's drawing Ultimate Avengers right now or something like that...it's the storyline where The Scarlet Witch dies.