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25th Apr 2012, 19:02
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17th Oct 2014, 15:31
I saw this thread. NOBODY??? REALLY??? This should have gotten some attention, but nobody has posted since the first message in 2012?

OK, whatever, I'll do it.

I think FF7 is the most mature title in the series, and the story, though a bit lacking by today's standards, was gripping and compelling for its time. It took me a while just to get out of Midgar for the first time, but then you're just getting started and for the first time, you actually have a vague idea of what the game's even about. I'm not saying that as a bad thing, either. I liked the Midgar/Avalanche beginning, even though to some people it may have seemed impertinent to the plot. Now, admittedly, there are some things in the game that SE probably couldn't get away with today, but some of those things made for a brief anime-esque break in the attitude of the story, like comic relief. I loved the characters of the story, poorly rendered as they were. The monsters, too, were cool, even though there were a few that were downright stupid (looking at you, giant bipedal, hopping cartoony snow rabbit with a giant carrot.)

Overall, it's one of my favorite games of all time. I'll cut off there.