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  1. The welcome thread!
  2. Live Q&A with the Team - Leave Your Questions Here
  3. Hello! Initial thoughts?
  4. The Razielim
  5. [forum questions] Being logged out on the Nosgoth forum problem
  6. Nosgoth articles and reviews by fans
  7. Magic User Class
  8. Sarafan and Hylden
  9. Character Models
  10. Interesting Vampire Clan Team
  11. Vorador's Influence
  12. Hello out there!
  13. Yay a new game!
  14. We're taking this whole thing too seriously.
  15. Please include non-combat areas
  16. Character creator
  17. Nosgoth.net Members?
  18. Music:
  19. Gameplay / Developers
  20. The Lore of Nosgoth
  21. Will there be a hero style game mode?
  22. No complaining here Just constructive ideas of what we would like IN NOSGOTH
  23. LoK fan troubles.
  24. I don't understand a lot of this hate?
  25. Something I want to know.
  26. A question about the clans
  27. Perhaps the lake of the dead was too kind a punishment for Raziel...?
  28. Genuinely trying to understand
  29. What exactly is the gameplay design going to be?
  30. Balance: Ranged vs Melee
  31. Why are you doing this to LOK?
  32. Vampire Clan civil war instead?
  33. Lost to the ages.... [Suggestion towards lore injection and item unlocking]
  34. Is this an MMO or just a PVP platform?
  35. I'm glad you gave it another name
  36. Nosgoth Memes
  37. Lore issue
  38. LoK Fan Here
  39. Suggestion System Maps
  40. I'm at a loss for how the Melchiahim would work.
  41. Website code Logo Easter egg
  42. Human Weapons
  43. FAQ: Nosgoth
  44. Nosgoth - News and Updates
  45. Live Community Q&A Update - Revised Timings
  46. Reaction to the livestream chat
  47. The Vampire Redesign Thread
  48. Do the Turelim & Dumahim looks fit within LoK?
  49. Nosgoth's place in the genre
  50. I'd like to add my input about Nosgoth.
  51. Hope the MUSIC is similar to SR1
  52. Daniel Cabuco gives his thoughts:
  53. Live stream transcript?
  54. forum profile and settings link
  55. Questions for the beta/alpha testers :)
  56. Idea - Simon T. (Kain) to announce a line for players who are doing exceptional
  57. Q&A on YouTube:
  58. FYI everyone who has PM'd me.
  59. Vampire weaknesses
  60. Vampire Clan Speculation
  61. I think the series is in good hands
  62. Acceptance into Beta testing
  63. Is that...*squints*....a volcano?
  64. Extended map of Nosgoth - for my own lore
  65. Map Ideas
  66. A fan's suggestions and feedback.
  67. I feel bad for the devs
  68. Championships
  70. Clan/Guild system in Nosgoth?
  71. Dark Eden Returns
  72. Character customization
  73. My thoughts on Nosgoth as a long time Legacy of Kain fan
  74. Most interesting class
  75. Will I be able to play this?
  76. Idea - Levelling system, runes and talent trees
  77. Specific Gameplay Questions.
  78. Guilding sistems on Nosgoth?
  79. Use of bows in Nosgoth
  80. looking for a betta key
  81. Life finds a way
  82. Nosgoth Beta will be online soon?
  83. Theories' thread
  84. LoK sequel or Nosgoth.
  85. WebComics and Special Events
  86. Few questions
  87. Nosgoth intro.
  88. The Dark Gifts
  89. Noob Questions about this game
  90. Vampires are hard to kill.
  91. Nosgoth looking pretty much like Monsters vs Armed Humans?
  92. Join a lobby/game!
  93. Nosgoth's Closed Beta: Details & Instructions
  94. Nosgoth Alpha Feedback
  95. Competitive Storytelling
  96. Dumahim and Greater Thralls
  97. Potential Loyalty Rewards
  98. More questions about the content in Nosgoth.
  99. Im in Alpha but can join the Forum.
  100. Clans and Pupating
  101. The Tyrant Art in the Turelim Blog Post
  102. Is there a transcript to the community Q&A video?
  103. The Third Vampiric Purge
  104. Lore Question
  105. What is Nosgoth?
  106. Can I have A beta KEY please
  107. Dumahim - Multi-Talanted?
  108. Gameplay Footage
  109. Tyrant Meat Shield Ability
  110. Where to Post Alpha feedback ?
  111. What exactly does "We're sorry, something went wrong" mean?
  112. no people for human side
  113. SOUL REAVER (on a demo 1999) Looking for invite.. Please // My short story.
  114. Youtube and recording
  115. Can you give uss any small clue when the closed beta will come ?
  116. Nosgoth-World
  117. Alpha/Beta keys
  118. 300 anyone?
  119. NDA removed for beta?
  120. Crossbows & IronGuard
  121. Legacy of Kain on Steam Sale
  122. Mention of the human citadel in the blog:
  123. Humans, Vamps, a hint of werewolf.. Wraiths?
  124. There will be no recurring locations (initially)
  125. What will be the competitive mode?
  126. I Just Have to Ask This...
  127. So, about Dark Eden...
  128. so....... Legacy Of Kain HD Anthology? : /
  129. My Questions and Resquests
  130. nosgoth classes
  131. Just Wondering
  132. whwn i am going to get my key
  133. When i can start play?
  134. Voice program in game?
  135. anybody else hoping this comes to consoles?
  136. Who else is super stoked for this game?
  137. eu server?
  138. Question about editor and environment
  139. Story characters:
  140. Alpha Keys ?
  141. Questions about the Red Sisters?
  142. An idea for the map dynamic and match ending.
  143. Curious about beta testing selection.
  144. Alpha vs Beta testers
  145. ┬┐Can i make videos?
  146. Nosgoth Forum Theme
  147. Somewhat (but not really) off-topic - custom paint job
  148. Where is the Nosgoth in Nosgoth
  149. Kinda surprised here...
  150. That Razielim Lore post
  151. Initial Feedback from gameplay vid (suggesstions from an Avid UT99 Player)
  152. One highly skeptical fan with a small spark of hope (long read pos. series spoilers)
  154. Melchiah's clan brainstorming
  155. Twitch Streaming
  156. [question] RU localization
  157. unable to navigate through the initial login
  158. We view the game in different ways
  159. "Nosgoth" Has Its First Original Character?!
  160. Sarafan Divine Priesthood Human Class
  161. Zephonim idea
  162. Can we please add controller support?
  163. Any 'Tie-In' Projects???
  164. Alpha testing over the next few weeks
  165. Question regarding water in maps
  166. Easter Eggs from previous games?
  167. Steam? Sorry no go
  168. No Alpha Access
  169. A few Ideas for Sommerdam.
  170. Happy Holidays.
  171. Humans or Vampires?
  172. Timeline question
  173. not sure how to process all this
  174. Future human classes...
  175. Class Based Maps
  176. is it to late to add advance physX to nosgoth this late in the dev cycle?
  177. What keeps people coming back to this?
  178. Potential Enemies that could be used
  179. Lore
  180. Melchiah's skin problems
  181. Wow, I am so excited they are finally making a LOK game.
  182. Merchandise, goodies and other stuff
  184. Closed Beta testing
  185. Regarding "Koine"
  186. In game music
  187. For all of us who keeping checking our mail, hoping for alpha access
  188. More keys need to be released
  189. Raziel's punishment question
  190. Razielim first born question
  191. Logged in using my square enix account, filled out the form last night...
  192. Gameplay video
  193. Bloooood baaaankiing across the univeeeerseeee
  194. Story elements. Questions and thoughts about about the era and kains dissapearance.
  195. Costume ideas:
  196. The Dumahim's one long arm in SR1:
  197. Razielim/Hylden
  198. Nosgoth on Reddit
  199. Vampire Class Confusion
  200. Scion of Balance question
  201. Player vs Environment/Story/Solo
  202. Player Made Guilds
  203. Elder God afraid of the Hylden?
  204. Human Class Idea: Pygmy
  205. CLAWS!!!
  206. Human Class: Energist
  207. "Fan" bashing.
  208. Open Beta Level/Item reset?
  209. Evolution and the Razielim
  210. Idea for Human class - the Forsaken
  211. Team Deathmatch
  212. Class Names
  213. Idea for Nosgoth In General- Level Up System, Loadouts
  214. How do i leave my feedback?
  215. Beta activation key
  216. The Future of "Nosgoth"
  217. Better Marketing Suggestion
  218. Hylden
  219. Training mode
  221. Nosgoth's probable playmodes
  222. Whats the opinion of the Nosgoth-Community of Teamspeak?
  223. steam achievements/controller support.
  224. Two new classes for each faction inc.
  225. Missed livestream
  226. Just How Much: Customization
  227. Some ideas to make more resembles to LoK
  228. About teams in Nosgoth
  229. Attacks and Their Value
  230. About the Deceiver...
  231. Loving the look.
  232. A few suggestions about Vampire abilities
  233. Zombies
  234. IRC Channel?
  235. ? Closed Beta Invites Question
  236. Nosgoth Tie-in Web Comic Series?
  237. Vae Victis!
  238. Sentinels
  239. Is it just me
  240. Matchmaking, Stats and Leagues in Nosgoth
  241. Vampires, Worshippers and Heresy
  242. Novels on the Legacy of Kain universe
  243. Daniel Cabuco's Nosgoth roleplay group
  244. Chest Keys?
  245. Closed Alpha Content
  246. Exclusive badge???
  247. From the Alpha to the Beta
  248. Which locations would YOU like to see return?
  249. The elder Turelim skin...
  250. "How Gold & Runestones Work in Nosgoth" questions