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  7. The Trading Thread
  8. Is it possible to delete or remove "friends" to make room for others?
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  28. Skill Issues
  29. My Guardian (Fujin) doesn't receive skill when lv 30
  30. I can't connect GC It happen error code0002
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  32. Customer Service Story (Customer Failure is more like it)
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  37. Been playing for 79 days straight not 1 5* card
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  39. Ace Almighty
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  41. Can't join Colloseum after lending friends some cards
  42. Regarding Accounts on Devices
  43. Your holiday coliseums
  44. Serious Bugs After Update
  45. after update path1.2 my card got bug PLZ HELP
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  47. Help with hiddEN LABYRINTH
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  50. coli locked even not use in coli?
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  53. Guardian cross quest 13. Evolved predator
  54. Guardian cross quest 13 evolved predator?
  55. Hunting quest 15
  56. TGIF Gold Slime event glitch - can result in account restriction
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  59. Mail System
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  61. Ayuda
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  63. Final Fantasy Go There
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  65. Account Retrieval
  66. Moving to Deadman's Cross
  67. How does the rebirth system work exactly
  68. Special Hunting Ticket (iOS)
  69. new to game
  70. Guardian Cross - News and Updates
  71. Rollback Problem
  72. Lazarus and shadow Bahamut (spoiler for v.new players). help!