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  1. Kingdom Hearts games on the Nintedo 3DS?
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  28. Kingdom Hearts personality quiz exclusively for Square Enix members?
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  30. -Happy 10th Anniversary-
  31. Wreck it Ralph in Kingdom Hearts
  32. Disney Media in Kingdom Hearts Series
  33. Kingdom Hearts games on Android and iOS devices?
  34. What was your family or friends' impression when you showed them KINGDOM HEARTS?
  35. Describe each Organization member with a flavor of sea-salt ice cream!
  36. Walt Disney Company Acquires Lucasfilm. Possible Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts!
  37. Keyblade Wars
  38. KH spinoffs - Are they worth it?
  39. Kingdom Hearts and Legend of Dragoon
  40. Kingdom Hearts Birthdays...
  41. Kingdom Hearts on PSN
  42. How will the story of the "dark seeker" saga end?
  43. Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade wars the movie
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  45. Ever heard of Final Fantasy before playing Kingdom Hearts?
  46. top 5 BEst enemy and bosses in the entire Kingdom hearts lore
  47. Future titles do you see sora being the lead chacter?
  48. Which Disney Worlds would you like to see?
  49. Whats the best KH game in the series? and whats the worst?
  50. Just when you think the dreameaters were gone..... they come all up in here *spoilers*
  51. Kingdom Hearts Final Mixes
  52. Keyblade Wielders
  53. Darkness immunity ability
  54. Kairi's game
  55. How will roxas come back?
  56. The Absulute best hero to play as?
  58. Rumors: I will start mine off... did you hear any yourselves
  59. So which game are you playing?
  60. Female head count
  61. Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
  62. Movie V.S. game
  63. Gilgamesh in future kingdom hearts games.
  64. Pre-order V.S. waitin"
  65. A Whole console Generation with no kingdom hearts
  66. what exactly is kingdom hearts?
  67. Most Emotional Scene in Kingdom Hearts
  68. Olympus Colosseum discrepancies
  69. kingdom hearts project
  70. How To Bring the Old Disney Back In A New Way [What Kingdom Hearts Deserves]
  71. More Final Fantasy in KH?
  72. Kingdom Hearts for PC and on Steam
  73. Ask your kingdom hearts questions here!
  74. Name relations.
  75. Organization XIII
  76. Kingdom Hearts RP?
  77. Your Own Character.
  78. Kingdom Hearts Game Series
  79. How can I contact Square Enix?
  80. Dear, Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix...
  81. Kingdom Hearts Online?
  82. Phil Spencer vice president of Microsoft shows support for our petition
  83. Theory: Terra's heart is in Lea.
  84. Kingdom Hearts and the Thought of Other Worlds
  85. question about the kingdom heart timeline
  86. Are we ever going to meet Sora's Parents?
  87. Have spin-off series on Xbox One?
  89. The Keyblade Wars
  90. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy on Wii U
  91. Disney Afternoon in Kingdom Hearts
  92. The Kingdom Hearts Animated Series That Never Was
  93. The Kingdom Hearts awakening Collection or #heartofdreams collection (4 Xbox One!!!)
  94. Kingdom Hearts definitive version (For Xbox One and ps4)
  95. In Memory of Robin Williams (a.k.a. Genie
  96. Kingdom Hearts Spin off Idea.
  97. Kingdom Hearts Series - News and Updates
  98. Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy: 1931-2015
  99. Kingdom Hearts - Remake for PS4 and XBOX ONE Please!
  100. Demand for FF and Kingdom Hearts on Xbox One/How to contact Square?
  101. How would a KH game with nick characters be?
  102. I hope Disney do not saturate Kingdom Hearts
  103. let's port the remixes to xbox 360
  104. The Series that takes too long.
  105. For all Kingdom Hearts fans.
  106. please let us download/buy the japanese DUB
  107. Hip Hop remix of Kingdom Hearts theme "Dearly Beloved" with lyrics
  108. Disney Infinity
  109. Share your thoughts about the Kingdom Hearts community for the sake of science!
  110. Kingdom Hearts Astrology
  111. What is your favourite Kingdom Hearts song?
  112. Multiverse Anime
  113. Although its name makes you think
  114. KH 1.5+2.5 HD Remix for PS4 request: cross-saved/trophy shared with PS3 versions?
  115. [1.5 + 2.5 PS4] Bugs and Save Crashing?
  116. KH 1.5 + 2.5 Patch Request: Camera Rotation Speed
  117. Kingdom Hearts dubbed in italian
  118. Can we have the wold of samurai Jack in kingdom hearts 3??
  119. Kingdom hearts Terms of Use/Copyright
  120. The question regarding the business decisions made in developing Union X Int'l Ver.
  121. Kingdom hearts 3 on Nintendo Switch
  122. KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 REMIX PS 3 Problem
  123. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5: No news about further patches?
  125. [SUGGESTION] Heartless/Unversed original colors DLC
  126. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days [4K] In-Depth Gameplay Comparison
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  129. Disney Afternoon in Kingdom Hearts, Please
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