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  1. Final Fantasy: What game did you spend the most time?
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  14. Tell us your favorite quotes!
  15. Favorite Summon of all time?
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  17. Final Fantasy Bosses
  18. Dead Fantasy (Fan Video)
  19. Final Fantasy avatars on the PlayStation Network
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  21. Who would win in a fight between Caius and Sephiroth?
  22. if nomura ever got on the Forum...lol
  23. Final Fantasy and Party Members Limitation
  24. TGS 2012 Speculations
  25. What is your favorite Final Fantasy Mini-game
  26. Final Fantasy on PSN and Vita
  27. Favorite or Most Memorable Final Fantasy Moments?
  28. Timeline Connection of Final Fantasy
  29. white knight chronicles similar to our beloved Final Fantasy?
  30. Thoughts on DLC in Final Fantasy?
  31. Favourite Final Fantasy
  32. 4 Games Square Enix Should Be Working On Instead of Final Fantasy XIII-3
  33. Most Powerful Final Fantasy HERO Finisher
  34. What's the Hardest Final Fantasy game
  35. Which Battle system do you favor?
  36. Let's discuss: Voice Acting in FINAL FANTASY
  37. How many people love Final Fantasy parody comics.
  38. Final Fantasy Movies
  39. Community Manager Robert Peeler: A Thank You
  40. Final Fantasy and Ethnicity
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  43. Final Fantasy Series Live Action Cast
  44. Final Fantasy Tattoos
  45. FINAL FANTASY Series: Where I got started!
  46. It's almost September 1st!
  47. PAX 2012 - Thank You Square Enix & Robert Peeler
  48. Final Fantasy for WII U
  49. Final Fantasy, you know in light of Heroes of Ruin...
  50. Are You the World's Greatest FINAL FANTASY Super Fan?
  52. :: New Painting, step by step for the FF Community (Free Wallpaper)
  53. Operation Suzaku
  54. Ask yourself, are you even a True FF Fan?
  55. What Makes A Final Fantasy, According To Square Enix
  56. Top 10 hottest final fantasy girls
  57. Top 10 Coolest FINAL FANTASY Boys
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  59. Final Fantasy races and development
  60. All Stars and Final Fantasy
  62. what about a eidos made FF game.
  63. Final Fantasy In My Opinion
  64. Final Fantasy on PS4
  65. Why have there been no new turn based/ATB final fantasy game since FFX?
  66. Final Fantasy for XBOX
  67. Your own FF character?
  68. More Final Fantasy on Ouya?
  69. Lego final fantasy
  70. Final Fantasy series remakes
  71. Favourite Final Fantasy Towns
  72. Final Fantasy Multi-Verse Game
  73. A list of jobs/classes from every FF
  74. Top 1o Most annoying final fantasy moments
  75. Final Fantasy in Latin American Spanish
  76. Gilgamesh: The Game
  77. Limit Break & skills
  78. Final Fantasy Committee
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  80. Copying Final Fantasy elements for other games
  81. Original background renders for FFVII-IX
  82. Final Fantasy in Russian
  83. Paradigm Shift suggestions for XVI
  84. Looking for a way to know FF's story without playing it
  85. AIRSHIPS are cool!
  86. The Future of FF MMO's!
  87. Free Final Fantasy Magazine
  88. How can we show Square that we want X-3 and XII HD remaster ?
  89. Final Fantasy for Mac
  90. Worst ways to die in Final Fantasy?
  91. The Lost Final Fantasy
  92. Final Fantasy localization
  93. Savegame Protection - Proposal/Wish
  94. Pictures of all 156 Final Fantasy games released on Japan !
  95. PS Store NA: No HD for The Spirits Within
  96. How can Square Enix make a game better than Final Fantasy 7? (Youtube video)
  97. Final Fantasy On GOG.com
  98. Final Fantasy Magazine
  99. What are your favorite summons?
  100. Japanese audio + subs for FF games!
  101. Final Fantasy month on twitch
  102. Possibility of a Square-Enix iteration of the Namco X series?
  103. Continuation of Final Fantasy 6 As a Realm Reborn , Other Francise Possibilities
  104. An action crossover Final Fantasy game
  105. Quest Gaming Network Will SPONSOR YOU For a Final Fantasy Podcasters
  106. Final Fantasy Franchise, the EU PSN Store and the PS TV
  107. Final Fantasy College Lecture Tour
  108. Square Enix Can Make so much more money
  110. Yellow Toyota Aqua X-Urban X Chocobo Theme
  111. Triple Triad, Sphere Break, Tetra Master etc as apps?
  112. SaGa Frontier PSOne Classics?
  113. Online only Final Fantasy Games is not right and not fair to us
  114. The Final Fantasy Portal App
  115. Final Fantasy for WiiU Virtual Console
  116. if FF child characters were all grown up?
  117. Playstation TV and Final Fantasy games in Europe
  118. FF Forum listings are weird. :S
  119. Where is the NA website love?! FF Explorers, etc.
  120. is FF Explorers an MMO-ish game for the 3ds?
  121. New FF Fan
  122. Gil Sellers and Spammers
  123. Your Favourite Final Fantasy Memory
  124. Coffret collector final fantasy explorer?....
  125. Final Fantasy Explorers: Collectors Edition
  126. Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest smartphone releases.
  127. Survey regarding the Final Fantasy music
  128. Win Final Fantasy Merchandise
  129. New Final Fantsy Battle Game
  130. Chocobo Song (EDM Remix)
  131. I would like to see a postman quest involving Jessie
  132. FF characters used for islamic propaganda?
  133. Concerns with Final Fantasy Record Keeper
  134. Last chance: Win Final Fantasy Merchandise
  135. Concept Artist - Temarius Walker
  136. Style Suggestion
  137. Final Fantasy Tactics A-3DS
  138. FF Questions
  139. "Make Final Fantasy great again"
  140. Final Fantasy Titles on Steam
  141. Share your thoughts about the Final Fantasy community for the sake of science!
  142. Need help with Final Symphony in San Diego, July 21
  143. new here
  144. Cloud saves for some of the Android FF games?
  145. Survey
  146. A design for FF ; To be continued?
  147. Final Fantasy Video Casting Call
  148. Final Fantasy XV Question
  149. Design Art for Your Favorite Final Fantasy Game: Relive the Memorie
  150. Final Fantasy Series - News and Updates
  151. Best Quotes of all FF games?
  152. As a player, I expect more.
  153. FF TCG - Do you play / collect?
  154. Older final fantasy games and the ps4.
  155. Bug ruining Final Fantasy XV
  156. Lightning Returns 2 - Savior of Earth
  157. Why I Won't Buy Final Fantasy 30th Collection
  158. Final Fantasy Series for Xbox one
  159. Who is the strongest Summons/Aeon/Eidolon in the entire Final Fantasy series?
  160. Black screen ch 15
  161. What I'd like to see in FFXV DLC.
  162. issues with FF portal app
  163. WHY NA and EU square enix stores are different and have different merchandise?
  164. FF15 Chapter 8 not letting me get on the boat
  165. FF Tactics A3 - Switch/3DS/Vita
  166. final fantasy xv multiplayer comrades ????
  167. Which is your favorite battle system in Final Fantasy series?
  168. I cannot download add-ons into Final Fantasy XV
  169. Is Final Fantasy actually becoming an action RPG from now on? No more turn-based RPG?
  170. How. many side quests. are. infinite?
  171. Questions about the Extent of Copyright for certain Aspects of the Series
  172. Issue with the Refugee Leaders in Comrades
  173. Why no Metric English?
  174. Final Fantasy XV Carbuncle question
  175. Ff15 not working Xbox one
  176. Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition shows up as Windows Edition when using add to home
  177. FINAL FANTASY - ranking of the main series
  178. Why FFXV failed and the lessons to be learned.
  179. Final fantasy porting
  180. Unable to start launcher. Help?