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  1. The Humble Abode (Thread of Randomness)
  2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Official Teaser
  3. SOTTR- Puzzle Game
  4. The Maya Constellation of Orion
  5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Full Reveal
  6. Places To Preorder and What You Get
  7. SOTTR - What we know so far...
  8. Meet The Team for SotTR.
  9. E3 2018
  10. More curvy Lara next time? (Hopefully not controversial feedback)
  11. Official new tie-in novel: Path of the Apocalypse
  12. Does Jonah Look Different To Anyone Else?
  13. Survival elements
  14. Please make the game available in the Bulgarian Xbox store
  15. SOTTR Merchandise by WETA WORKSHOP!!!
  16. Will this game support HDR on PC?
  17. SOTTR - Welcome to Paititi: Walkthrough Video
  18. Treacherous Traversal
  19. A Stunning World
  20. Deadly Tombs
  21. The first 15 minutes of SOTTR in 4k - IGN First
  22. Combat Tactics
  23. Collector's Edition...No Steelbook?
  25. Shadow of Tomb Raider Season Pass
  26. Underwater Survival
  27. SOTTR Previews
  28. SotTR: Takedowns
  29. Is there less hype this time?
  30. First Patch Ideas for SOTTR
  31. Woman Masters Wild, Makeshift Arsenal
  32. New Game Plus
  33. Woman Masters Wild, Know Your Enemy
  34. Photo Mode?
  35. Gamescom 2018
  36. Woman Masters Wild: Smart and Resourceful
  37. Tips for 100% the game
  38. Shadow of the Cute Raider. Needs to be seen trailer!
  39. Challenge Tombs and Puzzles.
  40. Shadow of the Tomb Raider, official TV spot.
  41. Custom Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox One X
  42. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Sound and Music
  43. Woman Masters Wild: Acrobatic Traversal and Brutal Traps
  44. Tomb Raider: The Story So Far...
  45. Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Vibrant Locations
  46. Launch Trailer
  47. Dominguez: "It's all your fault." Hypocrite, much?
  48. water puzzles/tombs?
  49. Square Enix Store Not Shipping Pre-Orders in Time for Early Access
  50. X-Axis inversion
  51. Pre-order question
  52. Steam Early Access unlock time?
  53. Croft Edition has 'Achievements not supported' Error on Xbox One X
  54. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Performance tuning guide
  55. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Support Guidelines [read me first]
  56. (Xbox One X) Voices do not get along
  57. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ultimate edition no tracking number ID
  58. [PC] Sound fading in and out or disappearing completely
  59. (Xbox One X) Massive stutters, tearing, flickering in open areas like Kuwaq Yaku
  60. I cannot start SOTTR from Steam.
  61. (Possible Spoliers) I hate to say it, but I'm pretty bored with this game so far...
  62. Cozumel Trasure Chest / Returning to Cozumel
  63. Game Will Not Launch (Steam)
  64. Game-breaking bug?
  65. Trouble starting new part shadow of the tomb raider
  66. Here turn off EVERYTHING! (except the CONSTANT on screen hints)
  67. PC Version: E key does not stop interation with cart/crank?
  68. PC Version: Crank doesn't work?
  69. 2 Gamebreaking bugs + suggestion
  70. it won't save???
  71. Early Access Buggy or Just Game In General?
  72. Gamebreaking Bug [PS4]
  73. Deadly Obsession question.
  74. Skill tree needs revamping.
  75. PC Steam version - how to link to SquareEnix account
  77. PS4 problem with Croft edition (season pass)
  78. Game doesn't launch--black screen at startup
  79. Possible PS4 bug?
  80. Bodies with loot simply vanish, the Game literally sanitizes itself within seconds
  81. Unpacking
  82. [14-09-2018] PC Patch Notes for patch (Patch #1)
  83. PC Croft eddition bug
  84. (Xbox One X) Just got 1GB Patch but it just got worse now...
  85. Artifacts bugged - 100% completion not possible
  86. Awkward Shoulder Swapping
  87. no audio cut scenes
  88. Possible Game-Breaking Bug
  89. Possible Spoilers - Initial feedback about outfit restrictions
  90. Dear developers - Thank you for adding Stereoscopic 3D!
  91. (Xbox One X) Glitched Artefact in Hidden City, is on Map but nothing there
  92. (X1X) Where are the "hidden information" pictures and objects?
  93. (Xbox One X) Possible glitched Gold Icon in the Hidden City
  94. PC version will not start at all
  95. Flashlight not turning on in dark places
  96. Steam Controller bugs
  97. Fighting
  98. Xbox One - Campfire/Inventory bug?
  99. Body bombs broken due to poor enemy pathing?
  100. I found a graphics bug.
  101. PS4 bug- Swimming up tunnel where rock blocks your Path!
  102. PC version unable to save
  103. [PC Win10] Deadzone for aiming with Xbox One Controller is too big!
  104. Serpent's Strike non-functional
  105. [Xbox One X] Sound stops working after hitting Xbox Guide button
  106. Paititi Monolith Glitch
  107. Has Anyone Received Their Preorder Yet?
  108. Empress Jaguar
  109. new game + - not all equip?
  110. GAMEBREAKING BUG = Locked Slow Walk.
  111. A bunch of bugs - PC - Steam, Croft Edition
  112. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Funny Moments
  113. how to access the soundtrack?
  114. Stuck at 99.88% game completion
  115. No sound in bluetooth headphones during gameplay
  116. Why can
  117. Why can
  118. Bug with illipa's sight
  119. Constant Action Notifications
  120. Champion's Bow Quest Bug *Possible Spoilers*
  121. You just lost a customer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
  122. (PC) Mission of San Juan Monolith Bug
  123. *BUG* Manko's Tunic not showing up in Inventory