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  1. Marvel Entertainment & Square Enix Announce The Avengers Project
  2. The Avengers Project FAQ
  3. Possible locations for the game
  4. Possible storyline(s)? #ReAssemble
  5. Will this game have any form of multiplayer?
  6. Any Avengers game MUST have local co-op play!
  7. Can we Please have a playable Iceman
  8. Will there be a beta for this game
  9. Who do you want to play as in this game
  10. Timeframe?
  11. The Elephant in the Room?!? X-Men, FF, Deadpool...etc
  12. Avengers game MUST Have's
  13. Note to Devs: Avengers Game for the fans, not for the shareholders please
  14. Awesome Suggestions