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  2. Technical Issues (Not for bugs)
  3. General Beta Chat - Shoot the breeze before your target.
  4. [DISCUSSION] In-game menu and HUD
  5. [DISCUSSION] Animations
  6. [DISCUSSION] Opportunities
  7. What was your favourite moment?
  8. [DISCUSSION] Disguise Gameplay
  9. Top 5 Good, Top 5 Bad
  10. Welcome and Introduction Thread
  11. No love for EBGames pre-orders?
  12. no beta on ps store @ 10:20gmt
  13. Material Usage Policy.
  14. Wait. I can't get the code unless I pre-ordered fthe COLLECTOR's...?
  15. Bug/Error List: 3 Hours In
  16. Subtitel on the Videosequenz?
  17. there is no beta on US ps store
  18. No beta code and nothing on ps store. (11:37 est)
  19. List Of Bugs
  20. Challenges/Feats menu takes away discovery.
  21. PS4 Beta FIX if still not on store for you in US.
  22. Beta Feedback - PS4
  23. Why Separate 'Manual' & AutoSaves?
  24. Some Messages Needed for Controls
  25. Some Characters Seeing Through Walls?
  26. Challenges Missing During Second Run
  27. Audio Stuttering During Cutscenes
  28. 'Failed to fetch the data...' Error After Final Test
  29. Disappearing NPCs
  30. Bugs glore
  31. Crowd reactions
  32. Final Test Challenges
  33. Spelling/grammar error on one of the opportunities
  34. Beta Feedbback (PS4)
  35. Issues that need fixing
  36. BETA bugs
  37. Minor issues...
  38. Square Enix Membership (SEM) linking
  39. Bug report - Game crash Ps4 first mission
  40. Items Becoming Irretrievable
  41. Completed Challenges Resetting
  42. Lack of Feedback for Challenge Completion
  43. Where is "HITMAN Beta" in the library?
  44. Weapon Audio
  45. Extensive Beta Feedback
  46. Hand Holding
  47. Weapon Acquiring
  48. PSN Absolution Platinum trophy holder- Purist mode is a must
  49. Glitch/Bug while blending in on PS4.
  50. HITMAN™ Beta - A.I. Routine Bug (With Video)
  51. Concealing Pistol
  52. No Human Shield??
  53. Registering the Beta with Our Square Enix Profile?
  54. Lets post our Pros, Cons, & Suggestions for Hitman and Dev Team
  55. A couple of minor things that I haven't seen mentioned.
  56. Idea: Casual Cover
  57. hitman beta
  58. PS4/Xbox Control improvements.
  59. PS4/Xbox Control improvements.
  60. Square Enix Please Consider These Options
  61. Beta feedback from a longtime fan
  62. Square Enix, look at this, Beta Talk
  63. Beta feedback
  64. Beta feedback
  65. AI Thread
  66. One GamePlay Glitch & One Challenge
  67. Beta Problems (PS4)
  68. sticky: HITMAN BETA wrap-up @Travis_IO
  69. sticky: HITMAN BETA wrap-up @Travis_IO
  70. HITMAN BETA: AUDIO/VIDEO (Letter to Developers)
  72. Incredible Attention to Detail!
  73. DUEL WIELD???
  74. Beta Bug - Disguise & Action Conflict
  75. Please add Chinese language support!
  76. My Beta Issues
  77. Compatibility problems
  78. Bugs/Issues while playing the Beta
  79. Hide weapon behind back
  80. PLEASE remove the Slow motion headshots and tweak the shooting effects
  81. Sound Bug + Silent Assasin Suit only (+ normal) ?
  82. Sound Bug + Silent Assasin Suit only (+ normal) ?
  83. Weird Hitman Beta Possessed dead people glitch
  84. GPU Problem
  85. HUGE letdown
  86. HUGE letdown
  87. My suggestions after playing the beta.
  88. [Beta Feedback] The game doesn't play very nice with the Steam Controller
  89. Feedback/Request
  90. 2 Bugs in beta
  91. The Scripted events are really worrying me about the direction of the game
  92. Tutorial The Final Test (Glitch)
  93. Compilation of fan reactions towards the BETA on Steam
  94. *IMPORTANT* Scripted opportunities (Must be Fixed)
  95. Framerate dips? Mirrors are the blame
  96. HITMAN-Beta report Number 1
  97. PC Beta feedback
  98. Beta feedback PC
  99. Cursor bug.
  100. Glitches Everywhere
  101. Pc Gameplay Feedback
  102. Timed events need to be a thing...
  103. My Personal Hitman PC-Beta Feedback
  104. Awful performance even on the lowest graphics settings
  105. Features I feel need to be improved
  106. The Final Test: Silent Assassin Challenge. What am I doing wrong?
  107. Feedback/ Bug report
  108. My Review for Hitman Beta
  109. Shooting in crowds
  110. Has there been any response from IO regarding the bad scripting in the game?
  111. Speedrunning the beta levels
  112. My concern about the payment model
  113. I've been having a blast
  114. Dead Guy Smoking
  115. PC: CRASH - When ending run
  116. My findings from the beta
  117. The dark music of a place both old and new; warm and cold.
  118. Rifle sling
  119. Bugs / Issues I found
  120. Technical issues I've encountered during the Beta
  121. Server not Reachable
  122. Not even alpha (or worst beta ever) (bug?)
  123. My feedback about the Beta
  124. Controller issues on PC
  125. Terrible Performance in BETA
  126. A few minor things (NOT glitchy graphics etc.)
  127. Beta Feedback PC - UI, controls & movement & more
  128. What happened to the Paris episode?
  129. Smartphones in The Prologue ?
  130. Can't connect?
  131. Suggestion and concerned
  133. Add a gameplay recorder
  134. Logitech G27 Wheel issue on PC
  135. Keyboard controls are a mess
  136. Reminder: Be sure to check your inboxes for a Feedback Survey on the Beta
  137. Beta Feedback PC - Steam Version
  138. PC Beta Feedback
  139. My walkthrough The Final Test - Speed-run with Accident)
  140. SLI breaks performance completely
  141. Hitman Beta Feedback (PC)
  142. Hitman Beta Issues
  143. [SPOILERS] Reporting some Graphical glitches, bugs, etc.
  145. Spelling of assassinate
  146. Glitch to go though fence (Final Test)
  147. My feedback HITMAN Beta (PlayStation 4) PS Plus version.
  148. Hitman ps4 beta crash
  149. Smoking guard bug
  150. HITMAN 2016 - BENCHMARKS - 4K,1080p,1440p
  152. 11th March 2016
  153. Thank you for the Game
  154. How many people played the beta
  155. HITMAN crashes on startup! I want to refund the game now!
  156. DX12 Option using HDMI-DVI Cable 24hz
  157. Lights out indoors
  158. I can´t run the game